SEGA News Bits: First impressions of the indie SEGA Dreamcast game Pier Solar

2015 sure has been a great year for indie SEGA Dreamcast games! We’ve seen shmups, odd puzzlers, vikings, and now we’re seeing an RPG by the name of Pier Solar and the Great Architects. While Pier Solar released way back in 2010 to the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive, the recent Dreamcast port features improved graphics, new scenarios, and special extras that take advantage of the Dreamcast’s unique capabilities (VMU mini-games!). As seen in my recent unboxing, the game’s packaging is beautiful. Now, in this latest episode of SEGA News Bits, I talk with George about my first impressions of the game.

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Unboxing: Pier Solar Japanese packaging for the SEGA Dreamcast

The long awaited Dreamcast release of Pier Solar has started to arrive in mailboxes, and I was so impressed with the packaging that I knew it had to get the unboxing video treatment. This isn’t the first SEGA console the game has released to, back in 2010 the game hit the Mega Drive/Genesis and I shared an unboxing of the reprint edition. The Dreamcast version I present to you today is a first edition in the Japanese style packaging, other versions include US and PAL, but seeing as how most indie Dreamcast releases emulate the Japanese packaging, I went with this style and don’t regret it in the slightest. A lot of effort went into this release, and it really makes modern game unboxings look like crap by comparison. Seriously, who wants to see somebody opening a Wii U game where all you get is a disc and a slip of paper telling you to read the digital manual.

You can buy Pier Solar on several platforms. The Dreamcast and Mega Drive/Genesis versions are sold out at the moment, but more may be available in the future. Check out the official site for more details. Like this video? Subscribe to the SEGAbits YouTube channel.

Indie Dreamcast game Pier Solar now shipping!


Pier Solar and the Great Architects is a game that has been a long time coming. Developed and published by Watermelon Games with work starting as far back as 2004, Pier Solar originally released to the Genesis/Mega Drive back in 2010. Since then, the team held a successful Kickstarter which lead to an HD remake of the game for a slew of modern handhelds and consoles, but SEGA fans were most interested in the proposed Dreamcast release. While modern platforms have since seen release of the game, Dreamcast fans had to wait a bit longer. Today, it seems that wait is over as backers from both the Kickstarter and Watermelon Games website have received notifications that the game is now shipping!

I’ll admit, after being disappointed by other indie developers I was hesitant to put my money towards the release until solid proof that it was going to release by the end of the year (the initial expected release was way back in December 2013). Luckily I was able to pre-order the game earlier this month, just days before they cut pre-orders off. Since then, the game has been relisted on the Watermelon store with a price increase of $6 (from the initial $50) and a “SOON AVAILABLE” notification of November 11th. So if you had a pre-order, be excited because the game is coming! And if you don’t, there should be additional copies available soon.

Swingin’ Report Show #57: Interview with WaterMelon Video Games President Tulio Gonçalves

SEGA Genesis month is in full swing, and Barry and George bring you our first podcast of the month which proudly features our special guest Tulio Gonçalves, president of WaterMelon Video Games! You may recognize WaterMelon as the developer of the phenomenal Genesis/Mega Drive RPG Pier Solar, released in 2010. Coming later this year is an enhanced and expanded HD release of Pier Solar, set for several platforms including Android, Linux, Mac, Ouya, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One, Wii U, and SEGA Dreamcast!

Tulio discusses WaterMelon’s early years, the creation of Pier Solar for the Genesis/Mega Drive, the upcoming Dreamcast version, and what we can expect in the future from the company. It’s a great discussion, so check it out! Also, we reveal the four winners of the SEGA and Tommo Mobile iPhone case giveaway.

Make sure to help WaterMelon to bring the game to PC by voting “YES” on their Steam Greenlight page!

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See the winning photos from the SEGA Tommo Mobile iPhone case contest after the break!

New Pier Solar HD trailer arrives – the adventure is coming soon!

A new teaser trailer for the upcoming Pier Solar HD was recently released by Watermelon Games. The game, which is an HD remake of the 2010 SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive indie RPG, is expected to hit Wii U, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Sega Dreamcast, Ouya, PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) and Android next month. The game is looking gorgeous, with a new widescreen presentation and updated art. Stay tuned to the trailer until the very end to see the Dreamcast logo among the supported platforms, there’s something special about seeing a SEGA console listed among Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft again.

The game is slated to release next month. In the meantime, stay tuned to the upcoming SEGAbits Swingin’ Report Show podcast in which our special guest is Watermelon Games president Tulio Adriano Cardoso Gonçalves! Have any questions for Tulio? Leave them in the comments section below.

Rumor: Project Y screenshots leaked?


2014 truly is the year of the SEGA console, as both the Dreamcast and the Genesis will be receiving new games from several talented indie developers. Indie developer WaterMelon Games, the creator of Pier Solar for SEGA Genesis and soon to be released on the Dreamcast, is currently at work on a new RPB (Beat ’em all, with elements of an RPG) entitled Project Y. Apparently, screens from the game have been leaked on Twitter. WaterMelon Games has yet to confirm whether or not these screens are real, but if they are, this game is looking to be a real beaut!

Indie Dreamcast games roundup – Sturmwind, Redux, NEO XYX & Pier Solar

As the year draws to a close, as a Dreamcast fan I always like to look back on the indie Dreamcast titles that were released and announced in 2012. While the start of the 2012 looked great for indie Dreamcast fans, it ended up being a less than stellar year. Sturmwind, published by redspotgames and developed by Duranik, was meant to have a release in the second quarter of 2011. But manufacturing delays lead to a November 11th, 2011 release date. However, according to redspotgames ,the release date had been postposed yet again “due to difficulties with the CD factory”. As such, the release date changed to some time in 2012. Now, just a few weeks before 2013, the game has yet to be released and the latest update from redspotgames is that they “decided to work on the game even more. So the weapon system and the HUD has been improved.” A better game is always great, but in my opinion a year and a half delay is uncalled for. Those who put money down for a pre-order are sure to be angry at redspotgames by this point. Which is a shame, given their past high quality efforts including the awesome Wind & Water Puzzle Battles and Rush Rush Rally Racing.

Pier Solar HD project hits Kickstarter, Dreamcast named as one of the platforms

We’ve written about the indie SEGA Genesis game Pier Solar a number of times, and here we are writing about it again. WaterMelon Co., the team behind the original game, are taking to Kickstarter in hopes of funding an HD version of the game for a number of platforms including the SEGA Dreamcast. Other platforms include Xbox 360, PC, Mac and Linux. As you can see above, and at their Kickstarter page, the game is making a big graphical leap! If fully funded, the project appears to have an estimated completion date of December 2013. All the details concerning the project can be found over at their Kickstarter page, but after the break check out the SEGA related bits.

Indie Genesis/Mega Drive Game Pier Solar Back on Sale!

Back in March I recorded an unboxing and preview of the indie RPG Pier Solar for the Genesis and Mega Drive. Initially the game released in late 2010 as a limited edition cartridge and enhanced CD for use with the SEGA CD, giving a Genesis game CD quality music. When the limited edition sold out, the developers quickly created the reprint edition. The reprint edition was in a sturdy plastic clamshell case, and featured a full color manual, as well as stickers and a poster, but lacked the CD (though the CD could easily be burned using files from the developer’s website).

After the reprint sold out, nothing was available outside of ebay auctions. But now, over ten months later, the reprint edition is back on sale and what more, there is also a snazzy soundtrack available (sold separately)! If you missed the first or second time, do not miss the third time that this game has been available! It’s a fantastic indie release, and far better a game than some official Genesis RPGs. Visit their shop here, the game is $49, and the soundtrack is $25.

Pier Solar: The First Few Hours

I confess, when I first heard about Pier Solar back in 2008, I was both excited and cautious. On one hand, the prospect of playing a new game on my Genesis sounded like an awesome proposition. On the other, I simply didn’t believe the game would get done. As the originally announced release date faded into memory, I assumed the game had simply gone the way of many a Dreamcast indie project, and forgot about it.

The game surpassed my expectations though, and has actually made it all the way into my Genesis. Even as I ordered it, I had my doubts about the game being anything more than a stereotypical role playing game that just happened to be on the Genesis. Has the game been able to surpass my expectations again?

Pier Solar Unboxing and Preview

The latest indie release for the… SEGA Genesis?! That’s right! We’re not talking indie Dreamcast, we’re going way back to SEGA’s 16-bit wonder! Let’s unbox and boot up the Pier Solar Reprint Edition.

After the video, make sure to check out the developers website and order yourself a copy. How often do you get a new Genesis or Mega Drive game? And it’s only $45. That’s cheaper than a Genesis game bought back in the 1990’s.

Pier Solar is a new RPG for the SEGA Genesis

Pier Solar started off life in 2004 in an internet forum, flash forward to now and its a full fledge game. In the game you play as Hoston, a young botanist who has to save his father from a illness. The game uses 64 meg cart, if you didn’t know, that is some intense power and is the biggest Genesis cart ever.

You can order the game via its official website.

The game has already gone into re-print due to overwhelming fan demand. It looks pretty good and I might order a copy for myself soon. As for screenshots, hit the jump.