SEGA News Bits: First impressions of the indie SEGA Dreamcast game Pier Solar

2015 sure has been a great year for indie SEGA Dreamcast games! We’ve seen shmups, odd puzzlers, vikings, and now we’re seeing an RPG by the name of Pier Solar and the Great Architects. While Pier Solar released way back in 2010 to the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive, the recent Dreamcast port features improved graphics, new scenarios, and special extras that take advantage of the Dreamcast’s unique capabilities (VMU mini-games!). As seen in my recent unboxing, the game’s packaging is beautiful. Now, in this latest episode of SEGA News Bits, I talk with George about my first impressions of the game.

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6 responses to “SEGA News Bits: First impressions of the indie SEGA Dreamcast game Pier Solar

  1. cussypat says:

    Rubbish game. Fck piersolar

    • bertodecosta says:

      Why rubbish? Have you played it?

    • Rubbish and f*ck this game just because it gets repetitive later on and the Ouya version has drm check? Don’t be so dramatic. It’s a good game, especially given the fact that it is an indie title from a team that don’t have the budget or staff experience that something like Lunar has. It’s just not a fair comparison. And technically, they did an awesome job taking advantage of the Dreamcast’s abilities from resolution to VMU support.

  2. cussypat says:

    Yes i did on my ouya. The game in the beginning is enjoyablr but becomes repetetive like bravely default.

    On ouya they have drm check as well. So if i try to play offline i can only play the demo.

    Pier solar is owned by lunar silver star and blue. Imo

    • DCGX says:

      That really isn’t a fair comparison; Pier Solar to arguably the two best Lunar games. Which, like Barry mentioned, had much larger teams with a full budget to work with. Not to mention when looking at the this release as a whole (so the various digital versions as well) the game only sells for $15 compared to the $50-60 when Lunar was released. Going by that metric, you’re comparing a budget game to a AAA game. In that sense Pier Solar HD holds its own quite well. Also, considering how well received Bravely Default was, that’s a compliment to compare to two.

  3. cussypat says:

    I do agree that the dc version is superior to all. Its retail and fully owned and just as beautiful as xbone. I respet the game more on the megadrive. Cause it was an effort to bring it alive. The soundtrack of the game on xbox one and ouya. And ofcourse dc will be the same. Has nice ksoundtrack. The game imo is better then many games. So props for that. Im not dissing the franchise entirely. Its a combination of the louche bussiness of the piersolar makers combined with how long we had to wait. Put that on thr weight scale. And having played lunar this is a step back. I mean technically speaken lunar could be indie nowadays.

    But this game imo in total is not my thing. But if you like it who am i to break your enjoyment? Enjoy it. Thats all that counts. You will probably like bravely default as well

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