SEGA News Bits: Most Disappointing SEGA Games of 2015

Not all games can be winners, we know that. But even though this year was light on SEGA releases, none of the games released were terrible. Now the SEGAbits staff sits and nitpicks what title was the most disappointing for them this year. Trust us, it was harder to pick a disappointing game then it was to pick a favorite!

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7 responses to “SEGA News Bits: Most Disappointing SEGA Games of 2015

  1. Couch says:

    Sonic Runners sucks hard, even more than Boom does. I can’t think of better game design, so I’m no one to complain. but hey, may be, year 2015 was just preparation for 2016?

  2. Djawed says:

    Great item. I didnt play any SEGA games that came out this year. Only from backlogs. And t he sega games i am playing are pretty good, like yakuza 5

  3. cube_b3 says:

    Is there something wrong with the Sonic Runners video here or what?
    It looked so blurry it started to remind me of Redux.

  4. SegaFan says:

    As a lifelong SEGA fan I find it impossible to support SEGA nowadays. It’s a shame they have made so many poor business decisions. Still, I’ll always have the Dreamcast and the memories!

  5. Monado says: was punishing the real fans. And they ended up getting fired. You get what you give.
    Meanwhile we get at least some games. But i dont think sega can match up.
    Phantasy star online 2? There is xenoblade x. Yakuza is unique and boss. But i kinda moved on playing other games. Hate to say it. The continue us bashing of julian towards me. The bad games. The sega fab sites that asslick and shill bad games. When everybody knows their bad bash the fans for not liking them. Banning them for asking for revival for old ip’s. Then we kinda ask what happened to sega. Well its obvious. The games are bad. Plain simple. Hold your breath untill valkyria azure comes. You will die for sure. Ill pray its not full of dlc and micro

  6. CrispX says:

    Fans ask for great games, SEGA ignore it flawlessly and release poor games. Why they don´t stop a bit and listen to us?
    Is that hard to make a port of Shenmue, JSRF, Otogi, Skies of Arcadia, Segagaga and many more?
    But is not hard to release sonic games.
    Sega promisse a game for pc and mobile on each month and i just saw on november again… “Sonic”. What the hell they doing?
    And other thing, why we need MonsterBoy for January? A nother BORING game as usual. The same taste like Knight Adventures from KONAMI.
    Shenmue 3 just was so lucky for the fans, and Sega can´t get anything to stop it!
    Grow UP SEGA! To many sonic blows up the entire World!

    • Monado says:

      Im sick of ports and rereleases. But i do agree that jsrf and shenmue need a broader audience therefor jsrf shenmue and pdsaga deserve it to be ported. But because i dislike porting i rather see them made from scratch. With the exception of jsrf. That game is still on par with 2015 standards. But mainly i dislike rereleases and ports. They should revive or continue franchises from the golden days
      Pso2 well it never came out
      Yakuza 5 i kinda gave up cause i waited in vain and dont have a ps3 anymore.
      Streets of rage 4
      Golden axe the right way
      Shinobi a proper one
      Phantasy star single olayer rpg.
      Crusader centy 3d. (Zelda)
      Beyond oasis 3d
      Skies of arcadia 2
      Ecco the dolphin(even tho it has a small audience)
      Pso 3(like xenoblade)

      But you know sega will never do that. banned all the serious fans. All there is left is sonic fur fans and trolls. And the remaining fans there are frustrated and considered as dumb asses. Even if you dont get banned. You will become absent yourself. It is clear that sega fans got treated way to hard. And you reap what you sow. And thats it basically.

      I rest my case

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