SEGA Europe responds to #TakeMyMoneySoE campaign to localize Japanese games

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Last Friday, over at the Sonic Retro forums, the idea for a campaign came about which would target SEGA Europe to localize Japanese titles that had already been confirmed for release in the Americas. The campaign has since become a joint effort by SEGAbits and Sonic Retro, and other fan sites are welcomed to join in! Dubbed #TakeMyMoneySoE, details of which can be read here, the campaign tasked European SEGA fans to take a photo of money totaling the price of a game that they want SEGA Europe to localize alongside the name of the game written down. Then, fans are to tweet the image to @SEGA_Europe accompanied by the hashtag #TakeMyMoneySoE. The campaign gained a fair bit of traction, and the next day SEGA Europe replied.

SEGA Europe’s response, seen above, was “we’re working on this & when we are ready to share info we will do so – thanks for your support & being awesome fans!”. SEGA Europe also responded to a fan asking specifically for SEGA 3D Classics Collection with the reply from SEGA Europe being “we’re working on bringing them to Europe – we don’t have a date to share at this time”. These responses are far better than the usual “we don’t have any information about that title releasing in Europe at this time” answers. It appears that the wheels are (hopefully) in motion, so thumbs up to all the fans who helped share our message. If you haven’t done your part, keep sending SEGA Europe the message that you have money for them. Just remember to be polite and respectful.


3 responses to “SEGA Europe responds to #TakeMyMoneySoE campaign to localize Japanese games

  1. Hitrax says:

    I wonder how many people will actually take pictures of the import titles with the money they’d offer Sega instead of with just re-releases of classic past games that have already been localised before, especially as they’d need to actually import the games first to take the picture with the cash in front.

    This is about localisations only and not re-releases, if I’ve followed this correctly, though I see some fans have pictures already localised games that they’d want to see re-releases.

    • PCZero says:

      Sir I don’t think you understand how the campaign works. You do not need to import the titles or own imported versions of the titles to participate in the campaign, in fact, that’s not even how it works. You use a PICTURE of item you want localized or even just a piece of paper with the name written on it, along with the money. Not the actual title itself. If you’d already imported it, you wouldn’t need SoE to localize it so dearly right?

  2. Bowling says:

    I Hope this come at reality i really wanna see Jet Set Radio Future for one more time please god help me!

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