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Valkyria-Azure-Revolution_2016_04-22-16_001So what are the ‘Five Grave Sinners’ and how do they tie into the story of Valkyria: Azure Revolution? Well, its the name given to five young people that are said to led the war between the Jutland Kingdom and the Rus Empire which will be known as the “Miraculous War of Liberation”.

Want to know who each of the Five Grave Sinners are? Hit the jump to find out! The content below is from the Valkyria: Azure Revolution site, translated by Gematsu.

  • A Setting for Revolution and Crime: The City of Jutland

An azure mineral of many mysteries, “Ragnite” is the source of a magic power called “Magic Arts,” through which an “Azure Revolution” is being called for in the continent of Europe. The Jutland Kingdom, a small country located in the south, is the base of actions for protagonist Amleth and company. Currently, resources are drying up due to an economic blockade from the major powers. And the “Azure Light” of Ragnite has disappeared from the city.

(Editor’s Note: This section is from Weekly Famitsu.)

  •  The “Five Grave Sinners” Spearheading the Revolution

The historic epithet given to the five young people that led the war between the Jutland Kingdom and Rus Empire, known as the “Miraculous War of Liberation.”

A war was waged with another country for the sake of a personal anger called “revenge.” With the crime committed by those that led the war and the planned lese majeste against Princess Ophelia, two major sins were committed, and would be judged for capital punishment after the war.

However, the abilities of those the led the war were genuine. Not only on the “battlefield” (Amleth), but also in “politics” (Suleyman), “economics” (Basil), “incitement” (Fleet), and “intelligence” (Violette). Their roles in a vast range of fields led the small country of Jutland.


Valkyria-Azure-Revolution-31-1280x720The protagonist. The commanding officer of the Jutland Kingdom’s elite Anti-Valkyria Unit.

Suleyman Kahlenberg
Valkyria-Azure-Revolution_2016_04-22-16_002Enlightened to his own powerlessness, Suleyman is a man who gained the “power” that should be his through “authority” on the day he vowed revenge. As a member of the House of Representatives, he has influence over the government. He is serious and straight-laced, with a cool head, and understands everything in numerical terms. When there was pressure from the major powers, including the Empire, he immediately proposed to “start a war.”

Basil Sabanci

Valkyria-Azure-Revolution_2016_04-22-16_003Enlightened to his own powerlessness, Basil is the man that gained the “power” that should be his through “financial muscle” on the day he vowed revenge. He inherited the Magic Arts Industry company that was run by his adoptive father, rapidly increased its performance, both good and evil, and deep dived into the Kingdom’s financial world. He supports his revenge and the war monetarily. He has a cheerful and mischievous personality, is very friendly, and can easily get close to his enemies.

Fleet EriksenValkyria-Azure-Revolution_2016_04-22-16_004Enlightened to his own powerlessness, Fleet is a man who gained the “power” that should be his through “incitement” on the day he vowed revenge. Through his work as a newspaper reporter (a commentator columnist), he becomes an influential voice in the Kingdom. He has an intellectual and gentle bearing personality, and his words often move the general public. He takes advantage of his position to incite the masses and move public opinion toward the war.

Violette SzandValkyria-Azure-Revolution_2016_04-22-16_005Enlightened to her own powerlessness, Violette is a woman who gains the “power” that should be hers through “information” on the day she vowed revenge. As the only woman in the group of “Grave Sinners,” she has a Madonna-like existence. With her good looks, voluptuous body, and cheerful personality, she takes advantage of her woman’s weapon to the fullest, and works hard at intelligence operations belonging to military intelligence. She feeds the information she acquires to “The Grave Sinners,” and sometimes circulates “lies” to move the war to better conditions.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, set to hit Japan this winter. No Western release dates have been announced.


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