Beyond Oasis/ Story of Thor sequel was planned for 32x

beyondoasis32x1Back in the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive days, SEGA released a game called Beyond Oasis/The Story of Thor, according to the co-developer Ancient Games (also developed Streets of Rage series) there was a sequel planned on the SEGA 32X. They released the proposal document cover and character sketch proposals (seen below) that were shown to SEGA. It seems that the Beyond Oasis/ The Story of Thor sequel was canceled and moved to the SEGA Saturn.

What are your thoughts on the proposal sketches? Do you think a Beyond Oasis/ The Story of Thor sequel would have done well on the SEGA 32x or was moving to the SEGA Saturn a better idea?


4 responses to “Beyond Oasis/ Story of Thor sequel was planned for 32x

  1. Gagaman says:

    Kind of wish all the 32X projects were moved to the Saturn and the whole 32X idea was chucked into the bin to be honest. Knuckles Chaotix with more time to be worked on if moved to Saturn may of been a much better game, and others like the first Tempo and Kolibri would have got more attention on Saturn though judging by early Saturn games like Astal they’d still be pretty unknown of in later years to most, but at least they would be on a console that works.

  2. ChocoLand says:

    I’ve played both games though not to completion. They are good little adventure titles. The Saturn was a great system but I still enjoy games from the 32 bit era more than many modern polygon games today

  3. fernandeath says:

    It’s certainly amongst Sega’s best franchises

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