SEGA confirms Valkyria Chronicles series still alive

Valkyria-1If you guys didn’t know, Valkyria Revolution is the next game in the ‘Valkyria‘ series of titles, but what about the original Valkyria Chronicles SRPG games? Is the Valkyria Chronicles series still alive? In an interview with PlayStation Blog Japan, Valkyria Revolution director Takeshi Ozawa and Producer Youichi Shinmosato have confirmed that Valkyria Chronicles is still on-going.

If you didn’t know Valkyria Revolution is a side game, set in a totally different universe from the main Valkyria Chronicles. Ozawa compared it to Shin Megami Tensei and the Persona series where they share common theme and mechanics but the characters and story are very different. Could this mean that Valkyria Chronicles and Valkyria Revolution will be SEGA’s big RPG series going forward?

Ozawa also said he always thinks about how they will approach the next installment of Valkyria Chronicles, especially with all the power in current gen consoles. So what do you think? Is Valkyria Chronicles series still alive? Are you excited for Valkyria Revolution?

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2 responses to “SEGA confirms Valkyria Chronicles series still alive

  1. Cherok says:

    How can a series ‘still be alive’ if there’s only been one main game followed by a slough of spinoffs? Lip service if you ask me.

    • Ves says:

      There were actually two main series PSP games, which was a very popular system in Japan and ended up relatively uncommon in the west meaning that they had no presence here like the PS3 game.

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