SEGA Europe Community Manager Dan Sheridan leaves company


It is a sad day for those of us in the SEGA fan community who liked shouting “WOO!”. SEGA Europe’s Community Manager Dan Sheridan, who joined the company in September of 2015, is leaving SEGA today. From reading his tweets, Dan will be taking a job in the world of VR, so it’s not game over. Dan is notable for becoming the face of SEGA Europe and for rebooting the SEGA Central video series following a rocky transition that affected both American and European offices of the company. Thanks for your service to our favorite company and best of luck from all of us at SEGAbits, Dan!

After the break, check out Dan’s introduction video from when he started his job at SEGA.


2 responses to “SEGA Europe Community Manager Dan Sheridan leaves company

  1. James Brown says:

    All the best with your next endevours Dan! Thanks for all the great work and videos 🙂

  2. itsstillthinking1999 says:

    Good luck and lets hope someone will revive sega central someday

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