SEGA News Bits: Bayonetta PC Sales Discussion

Bayonetta released in early April to PC, and on this SEGA News Bits George and Barry take a look at the sales figures. Are Bayonetta‘s numbers Heaven or Hell for SEGA? What games could we see released next? Find out on this witchy News Bits! Want to win a copy of Bayonetta for PC? Enter our contest which runs through May 11th!

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3 responses to “SEGA News Bits: Bayonetta PC Sales Discussion

  1. BMS says:

    Anarchy Reigns would be a game I’d love to see on PC. Its focus on multiplayer sounds like a great fit for Steam.

  2. Polen says:

    Common Sega release the Jet Set Radio Future on consoles and steam to get in peace for good. Even Sega GT 2002 deserves a shot. The game is already nearly working on CXBX slow, but we need a monster computer.

  3. soheil says:

    Resonance of fate, Yakuza,Persona and cathrine

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