SEGA News Bits: Q&A #1 – Sonic, Rom Hacks and more

Today on the SEGA News Bits we don’t discuss any news. So what are we doing? We will be answering your questions. A week or so ago we decided to ask you guys if you had any questions and you guys submitted your Q&A on Sonic, Rom Hacks and more. Listen to us talk about our opinions on if SEGA should buy Capcom, Sonic’s anime influences, real opinions on Sonic Forces, and much more. Its a interesting discussion and I want to thank everyone that sent the Q&A questions on Sonic, Rom Hacks and more. If you guys want to see all the questions asked, check out the questions below.

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  • 00.33: “Do you guys think SEGA would be interested in buying out Capcom for their number IPs?”
  • 01.36: “[SEGA] tend to shy away from shonen anime influences with Sonic, why do you think that is?”
  • 02.14: “Do you guys think SEGA would come out with a console that run their subscription plan and possibly create new 2D cartridge games.”
  • 03.22: “Here’s a question. What is your honest opinion on Sonic Forces?”
  • 05.28: “What are your thoughts on Vanquish on PC and do you think it is doing as well as Bayonetta in sales?” 
  • 06.36: “I have a question do you think the next Sonic game will be Sonic Forces 2 or a completely new Sonic game?”
  • 07.15: “Why is it so hard to emulate Saturn games?” 
  • 08.08: “What happened to the new Dreamcast petition? It’s just gone quiet?”
  • 09.26: “…Chances of a new Panzer Dragoon title are next to nothing but what do you think of the chances of Panzer Dragoon Orta being remastered?”  
  • 10:36: “What video game development company should SEGA acquire next?” 
  • 11:40: “From the inside stuff you have heard, are you as SEGA fans happy of whats coming in the next few years?” 
  • 13:54: “Does SEGA need to support rom hackers and do the same with old IPs like Sonic Mania?” 
  • 15:30: “What’s your favorite classic Sonic game?” 
  • 16:40: “What do you think of SEGA Forever now that we know it will do something with mobile and retro games?” 
  • 17:39: “What is your favorite feature in Sonic Mania?”
  • 17:56: “Do you think SEGA should keep the 2D games alone side the 3D ones as well?”
  • 18:09: “How do you think Sonic Forces will hold up?” 
  • 18:44: “What do you want to see in Sonic Mania?”
  • 19:13: “Worst SEGA game ever?” 
  • 19:52: “NiGHTS, Jet Set Radio or Super Monkeyball?” 
  • 20:05: “Hi?” 

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