Shenmue 3 gets new screenshots, teases facial expressions


Shenmue 3 has revealed 3 new screenshots via the MAGIC Monanco conference. One of the screenshots, above, shows off Ryo and Shenhua. If you didn’t notice this is an updated model that includes facial expressions. Personally still think these models are a ways off, the body shape of Ryo particularly is rather strange.

The other two Shenmue 3 screenshots feature two areas that you will be able to explore whenever the full game releases. One is a port with boats and the other looks like a Chinese temple Shopping center*. I might be wrong on that last one, but regardless these environments look impressive. So far Shenmue 3‘s real strength have been its environments. I personally only have issues with the models that are being used thus far. But seeing that every time they show the models, they are changed, maybe they will eventually be fixed. What do you think? Am I nitpicking?


8 responses to “Shenmue 3 gets new screenshots, teases facial expressions

  1. WrongEnemy7 says:

    Personally i don’t mind the models used so far, i personally kind of hate how every game these days looks the same and seeing something look different and not in a bad way is a breath of fresh air. But that is just my opinion, to me nearly every fps and 3rd person action game look the same in terms of models. Yeah they’re meant to look like real humans but at the same time these are video games not real life and taking a more artistic approach towards the models is a good choice imo.

  2. Ryo Hazuki says:

    There is no picture of a Chinese temple, it’s a shopping area. I don’t know how you’d ever think other wise. There’s even a sign reading “fresh fruits” come on.

  3. RancidVomit86 says:

    I agree the character models do look a bit off but the environments are looking great. I can’t wait for this game but I feel like it will be forever before we get it.

  4. Hitrax says:

    I hope the character models are still early prototypes and they are just leaving them till after all the in-game locales are rendered first, Ryo looks a bit effeminate here, his gesture and his cost looks a bit too skin tight, his model should use the hi-res polished Dreamcast model as a starting template.

  5. itsstillthinking says:

    If the models stayed like this id be happy, i think it is a very difficult thing to do to make the models look completely new and updated with modern graphics but still retain the original charm, i think just for nearly 20 years at looking at the same face we are a little off put by something different.

  6. vako says:

    Ryo doesnt have a forehead. Disgusting

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