A Certain Magical Virtual-On gets mission mode, including online co-op mode


SEGA is getting ready to release A Certain Magical Virtual-On over in Japan, which is set to release in February 15th and have released a demo on the Japanese PSN for those wondering what it plays like. Now they have given up more details on the game’s ‘mission mode’, which will feature both single player and online co-op challenges. Some are competitive battles while other missions feature rugby-style sports action.

The details have been translated by Gematsu and go as follows:

What is Mission Mode?

Mission Mode consists of single-player challenge “Solo Missions” and online cooperative “Co-Op Missions.” Each has Normal, Hard, Expert, and Advanced difficulty levels, and a broad range of game rules. By clearing missions, you can obtain in-game currency called “Resource,” titles, and more.

Standard Battle (Single / Doubles)

In a Standard Battle, you can enjoy a match in the style of a standard competitive battle. Set the battle format (one-on-one or two-on-two), and let the heated battle unfold.



Arcade Battle

Arcade Battle is a mode where you fight through one-on-one matches against NPC Virtuaroids. Unlike Standard Battle, you can tune up your Virtuaroid’s performance before the match begins. Elements you can strengthen include movement, HP, stability, attack power, attack support, and Voost. You can also activate multiple effects at once.



Boss Battle

A battle mode where you fight against a boss-style Virtuaroid that is significantly larger in size than a standard unit. At the start of the battle, several standard Virtuaroids will appear as enemies, and after a certain amount of time, the boss Virtuaroid will burst into the stage. You will win when you reduce the opponent’s HP to zero. Since you will lose if time runs out, use powerful attacks to crush the opponent.




A mission mode where you destroy the large amount of enemy Virtuaroids that appear. Enemies appear in groups called “Waves,” and after one Wave of enemies is destroyed, another Wave of enemies will appear.

The amount of time that remains will increase for each Wave of enemies you overcome, so figuring out how to defeat them in the most efficient manner is the key to success.

A-Certain-Magical-Virtual-On_2018_01-31-18_007 A-Certain-Magical-Virtual-On_2018_01-31-18_008

Explosion Code

An entirely new game mode where you can enjoy a rugby-style sport. Points are scored by wearing a code and rushing into the opponent’s goal, and the team with the most points at the end of the match will be the winner.

There is no destruction caused by HP damage in Explosion Code, but there are downs. If you are downed, you will drop the code in your possession, so it is important to incorporate team play, such as passing the code to a teammate.

A-Certain-Magical-Virtual-On_2018_01-31-18_009 A-Certain-Magical-Virtual-On_2018_01-31-18_010


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    It looks like the old soccer lobbies from Phantasy Star Online

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