SEGA News Bits: Retro-Bit SEGA Saturn & Genesis Controllers Price & Release Date Discussion

A few days ago during Gamescom 2018, Retro-Bit finally showed off its more finalized versions of its SEGA Saturn and SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive controllers that will be coming out by the end of the year. On this episode of SEGA News Bits we will go over the design changes, pricing and discuss our feelings on the upcoming controllers. Let us know what you guys think of the newly re-revealed Retro-Bit SEGA Saturn and SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive controller designs in the comments below! Check out more high resolution photos over at SEGA-Mag!

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3 responses to “SEGA News Bits: Retro-Bit SEGA Saturn & Genesis Controllers Price & Release Date Discussion

  1. molul says:

    They said compatible with Android when they first announced the controllers. Now they’re only compatible with PC, Mac and iOS. Not gonna buy them, sadly.

  2. Ludo says:

    I just watched your video and you said that couldn’t find any feedback about these controllers but Shenron on Sega-Mag did manage to get his hands on these controllers.
    He said that they really feel like originals even though he could only hold the controllers, not play with them.
    However, he was not convinced by the Bluetooth version with analog sticks and found it akward but he was told that it was a prototype and some issues should be fixed by the time it’s released.

    He says that in this part if you want to make a full proper translation:
    “Pour les avoir prises en main, les copies des manettes d’origine sont assez bluffantes, aussi bien en ce qui concerne la qualité et la fidélité des matériaux, et celle de la croix et des boutons. Il n’était pas possible de les essayer en jeu, donc c’est une sensation “à vide”, mais une bonne sensation. En revanche, la prise en main du pad MD Bluetooth n’est pas formidable ; le représentant du distributeur s’est cependant empressé de me dire que le modèle présenté était un prototype et que certains défauts, comme la position des gâchettes, seraient corrigés.”

    As for me, I wanted to get a Bluetooth Saturn version but as the original is changed, I will wait for some reviews as I am scared that the perfect original design will be broken because of that.

  3. cinoS says:

    I’m having a hard time trying to understand one thing:

    -They’re selling a Bluetooth receiver for the original console.
    -The only Bluetooth controller is the one with analog sticks.
    -Why would I want a controller with analog sticks for the original console??

    I hope they make a normal Bluetooth controller, but this looks bad. Hopefully 8bitdo will make their own controller and receiver soon. Retrobit only made a Bluetooth pad on the past, and the board was 8bitdo’s (Retrobit put the shell). They have zero experience in Bluetooth controllers and it’s becoming noticeable.

    Why can’t Sega handle these things right? It’s frustrating setting how your beloved company screws it again and again >_<

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