Shenmue III shows off new Lan Di model

YS Net has updated us on Twitter, revealing the brand new model for Lan Di. We got just the screenshot above. It was also revealed that we will be getting a brand new trailer at MAGIC 2019 in Moncao on March 9th.

If you guys didn’t know, Shenmue III is due to release on PlayStation 4 and PC on August 27th. Yeah, not that long away and we still haven’t seen the game running at close to retail level. I guess we shall see what the new Shenmue III trailer brings…


7 responses to “Shenmue III shows off new Lan Di model

  1. Blevin says:

    Lan Di looks great, but the real star of that shot is the room. Wow.

  2. Fat Frog says:

    Yeah, the ceiling is as impressive as the details on the kimono. I didn’t even notice them on Lan Di’s arm…

  3. Poppins says:

    I just hope there’s a way to remove Corey Marshall’s awful white lib yank voice out of it though, what a fascistic disgrace.

    • Lemmy says:

      You’ll be able to swap for the original Masaya Matsukaze or the Corey dubs. I don’t like his views either but just how is he fascistic?

    • Poppins says:

      Lemmy, take a look at his Facebook page and the cringe he posts on there, I’ve been following him from day 1, that’s several years, and in that time, he has evolved and gradually become more and more hard left fascist, it’s become even more pronounced in the past 3 years, he has become more extremist in his views with the garbage posted, more of a political ideologue for the hard extreme fascistic and brainwashed left. I have seen him resorting to banning people for merely not agreeing with his views.
      Sorry but his original association with Ryo is something I just can’t abide by anymore, the sound of his voice has ruined it for me, and I don’t want it to tarnish the image of Ryo, the one solace though is that this was all recorded before he became a raving left wing Looney so there’s that, but I wish to disconnect that memory from a new continuation with Corey acting like a Ryo representative just because of the worse English American dub.

      I hate to say this, I honestly do, but I was less than thrilled to hear when gradually it was revealed to be involved with it, he’s become more of a political leftist cringe inducing mouth piece to me more than anything now.

  4. Senjav says:

    Well I second this but you don’t have to like the guys personal politics to like his personal work but I see where you’re coming from.
    Gotten out of hand he has and has becoming a propangandist, he better not put any of it into Shenmue though, long as e doesn’t do that, Ryo will be safe from the contamination.

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