SEGA News Bits Extra: Shenmue 3 Lan Di Revealed & Goodbye Old SEGA Headquarters

This week on Extra, George and Barry discuss new Shenmue 3 news, Team Sonic Racing‘s new track, SEGA’s old headquarters being potentially torn down and the release of a long forgotten SEGA Genesis game.

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4 responses to “SEGA News Bits Extra: Shenmue 3 Lan Di Revealed & Goodbye Old SEGA Headquarters

  1. Eccles says:

    It wasn’t Sega’s choice to sell it’s old house off, it was the parent company Sammy. People forget that SEGA is not 100% independent it’s partially in union with other companies and mergers as well as stock owned, but it was Sammy that want a Sega to be fully integrated to eventually rent and Sega completely, that’s why they recently changed the logo towards this and are selling off old Sega land and it was Sammy board members that encouraged Sega members to stop supporting post market Dreamcast official licenced releases in 2007.

    • Sad but true, on the surface people will convince you that it’s just Sega moving house, but we know what it’s really about underneath.

      First Peter Moore and Charles Bellfield came from America to convince Sega to abandon the home hardware space, then CSK sold Sega stock to Sammy and left the gaming industry altogether and then Sammy wanted Sega to do certain things their way, what has Sega convinced Sammy to change?

    • Now it’s Sammy trying to get Sega to fully integrate.

    • And you’d never think it because Sega is a much bigger company than Sammy, Sega has much more internal decisions focused on wider areas of different industries, all Sammy is interested in is the pachinko with the Pachislot industry.

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