Discotek Media announces Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog SD on Blu-Ray release, packed with bonus features

Longtime readers of SEGAbits should know by now my love for Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. I’ve written about it a lot, so much so that each one of those words is a different article. So it pleases me to write about it AGAIN to share that Discotek Media will be releasing an SD on Blu-Ray release of the series, meaning the full series in standard definition on two blu-ray discs. But that’s not all!

Discotek promises a slew of new bonuses including:

  • Stereo sound (something the most recent DVDs lacked)
  • Near master quality video
  • The Christmas special
  • The original sales pilot!
  • Original rushes (unedited raw footage) for Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad
  • Commentary from artist and animator Milton Knight on two episodes plus the pilot and rushes
  • Original commercial bumpers
  • Syndication commercials
  • Art gallery with rare production art
  • New package art by Jon “Persona” Kim, Chris “Black” Flores and Brady Hartel
  • Closed captions

The new complete series set releases February 2022, and you can see a sampling of the bonuses and packaging below. Discotek has also shared a peek at the pilot. Now let’s get the Sonic OVA on blu-ray and a Western release of the Japanese Sonic X dub!


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