PSO2 New Genesis 3rd Major Update – Journey into the icy cold region Kvaris on June 8 with new content and features

Maybe you played PSO2 New Genesis a while ago, or maybe you’ve never played the game at all. If so, now may be a good time to jump in with all the cool updates on the way!

Here is some of the new features and improvements arriving on June 8th with the Frozen Resolution update:

Kvaris is added!

  • Story Chapter 3
  • New Enemies
  • New Gathering Items
  • New Combat Sector Belugana Ruins
  • New Urgent Quest
  • New Side Tasks
  • Increased EXP and Rare Drop rate for Silver and Gold Enemies
  • Over-leveled EXP penalty removed from Battledia Yellow
  • Hover boards and throwing user actions
  • New Trials making use of hover boards and throwing actions
  • Level cap increased to 60!
  • New Photon Arts Skills
  • New powerful 6 Star Weapon series
  • New Augments
  • New Quest Counter to easily access quests and replay stories
  • 32 player Field Races
  • SG and N-Meseta Treasure Shops
  • Spring 22 items added to Special Scratch

Along with quality of life features such as ornament preview, voice ticket preview, auto sell enemy drops, new ARKS ID features, and making it easier to find parties.

June 15th:

Rayjord Gorge

Rayjord Gorge is a more difficult area. You can take damage from the very low temperatures. Lower the amount of cold damage you take by buffing with food, regions mags, using augments, and other items.

There will be a new enemy type in Rayjord Gorge called Ancient Enemies that are the strongest enemy type yet in the game, so you will want to make sure your character is geared up properly!

Other Updates on June 15th

  • SG Scratch ticket Refined Form 4 – New Items being added to SG Scratch. Make sure to use your free daily SG Scratch pull to get cool items!
  • Mission Pass Season 9 – new stamps and mag form!

June 22nd:

Dark Falz Interception Rank 2 – super challenging quest that you can play anytime you want from the quest counter! Limited to 4 player parties at max.

Visit the official PSO2 site to see all the details regarding this new update.

Are you excited for this update? Do you think Halpha is actually a space ship rather than a planet? Do you have any other thoughts? Is there a new piece of phashion you are excited for? Let us know in the comments!


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