Yu Suzuki’s Space Harrier-inspired “Air Twister” heading to consoles and PC on November 10th

Released June 24, 2022 to Apple Arcade, Yu Suzuki’s Air Twister was a Space Harrier inspired behind the back 3D shooter from the man who created the original SEGA franchise. In what was perhaps our biggest “get”, we managed to interview Yu Suzuki himself to talk about the game! And yes, I will try to link to that interview whenever given a chance.

Anyway, in some surprising news, Gematsu reports that the game will be releasing to all major consoles and PC on November 10, 2023. This is a surprise, as in our interview (see? I can’t help myself), Suzuki stated “When I went to Apple Headquarters, the idea came up if I would be interested in making a simple, straightforward game that you’d want to play over and over again,” implying that Apple facilitated and perhaps bankrolled development of the game.

It is surprising, then, to see an Apple Arcade exclusive game leave the platform for consoles. ININ Games will be publishing Air Twister, and the game will release digitally to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam. As for physical releases, in the West physical editions will be released for PS4, PS5 and Switch and pre-orders are set to open on July 18. In Japan, the game will release physically to PS5 and Switch with pre-orders opening on July 4. It is possible that Strictly Limited Games will release a deluxe edition, as they have in the past with other ININ Games releases, but nothing has been announced yet. You can learn more at the ININ Games Air Twister website.


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