Daytona USA 2001 online multiplayer restored thanks to Dreamcast Live

Another Dreamcast game has had it’s online multiplayer mode reinstated thanks to Dreamcast Live. Daytona USA 2001 (Known in North America as simply Daytona USA) is now back online through the Dreamcast Live service, thanks to the efforts of a new member of their team called Ioncannon. This makes Daytona USA the 25th Dreamcast game supported on Dreamcast Live. (26th if you count the all new game Driving Strikers, from my last article.) This is fantastic news for fans of the game, especially considering the game had a few unlockable cars only attainable by playing online.

Take a rolling start past the break for more info.

There’s a few things important to note for anyone trying to play. So far only the North American version of the game can run online. Work is being done to get the Japanese version back online too. The European PAL version had the online modes stripped out during localization, so that version of the game sadly stays offline. Players running the game online with a DreamPi will also need to update their DreamPi software to version 1.8 DLE. The game was also coded only with the modem adaptor in mind, so the official Broadband Adaptor is not supported. Check out Dreamcast Live’s connection page for instructions on how to get your Dreamcast online through their service and then Start Your Engines.

Do you own a copy of Daytona USA 2001? Are you itching to play online? Were you fortunate enough to be able to play on the official servers during their brief period of functionality? Do you wanna fly sky high? Lets go together to the comment section to hear from you.


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