First brand new online Dreamcast game in 2 decades, Driving Strikers, now available for purchase

How’s this for an impressive new leap in Dreamcast indie game development? All new Dreamcast car soccer game (Think Rocket League, but played from an overhead camera perspective), Driving Strikers, is now finally available to purchase as both a physical game package and as a digital download from WAVE Game Studios. Built around the modern Dreamcast online infrastructure Dreamcast Live, which I have detailed in an earlier article, Driving Strikers can be played online through that service either with an original modem adaptor and DreamPi or an official Dreamcast broadband adapter. To celebrate the occasion, WAVE Game Studios is currently selling the game at a discounted price of £19.99 ($25.66 USD as of this writing). 

Some of you may even remember Driving Strikers as the one Dreamcast game from the recent Homebrew Games Summer Showcase. Looks like it made it in after all.

For more info, break in after the check.

Though WAVE is based in the UK, the game itself is region free. No matter what country your Dreamcast was made to be sold in, Driving Strikers and all other indie Dreamcast games will work on it as long as it is either a VA0 or VA1 hardware model. You can even choose to buy the game in a European, American, or Japanese style case and manual/disc graphic design. You also get a free digital download of the game to be used in your favorite Dreamcast emulator or a Dreamcast ODE, like the GD-EMU or the upcoming Phøde. You can purchase a digital download of the game separately for a cheaper cost too.

In addition, Driving Strikers is also launching on Steam for Windows and Linux on July 24th, 2023. All versions of the game are cross-play compatible, so Dreamcast players can play online with Steam players and vice versa. Go wishlist the game on Steam right now if you’re interested.

If you’d love to support the hard work of this game’s developer, and frequent Dreamcast Live contributor, Luke Benstead, you can contribute to his Patreon page. You’ll see detailed insight on all his developments there too.

Does Driving Strikers sound cool to you? Would you play this game online? Tell us in the comments below, especially if you can do so from your online enabled Dreamcast.


2 responses to “First brand new online Dreamcast game in 2 decades, Driving Strikers, now available for purchase

  1. DCGX says:

    I have a physical copy preordered already! Cross-play with Steam is huge. Hopefully that means there’s always a healthy pool of players to get a game going with.

  2. Mac User says:

    SWEET! This is a must buy! 😀

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