Two new Dreamcast games from Nape Games: Reknum Souls Adventure and Ploid, now available from VGNY Soft

Here’s two more brand new Sega Dreamcast games for ya. Reknum Souls Adventures and Ploid, both originally made for NES by Nape Games, are now available for Dreamcast and up for pre-order in North America through VGNYSoft, a known publisher of physical indie games who also dabbles in Dreamcast games. Both games, like most other indie games on Dreamcast, are VGA compatible and region-free as well. Both can be had for $29.99 USD each.

Check in past the break for trailers and pre-order links.

Ploid is an action platformer game inspired by the classic Mega Man series. You play as Omega, an agent of the Ploids, protectors of time and space. He’ll explore eight different world looking for special data disks needed to further evolution into the ultimate Ploid warrior. This game is actually a sequel to an earlier game from Nape Games called V.O.I.D., which is not an 8-bit game like Ploid. You can pre-order Ploid from VGNYSoft here.

Reknum Souls Adventure is an action adventure game inspired by Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. This game stars Cheri, who sets off exploring the game’s large worlds to find four sacred souls to open a portal to the underworld to resurrect her family, who were killed in a great war. Reknum Souls Adventure is part of a larger series of Reknum games, and even the Ploid games, making our two games of the hour part of a whole Nape Games Universe. You can pre-order Reknum Souls Adventure from VGNYSoft here.

Being NES games, Ploid and Reknum Souls Adventures are both also available on NES and they and many of Nape’s other games are also available on Nintendo Switch and Steam. In fact, both Ploid and Reknum Souls Adventures are available on Switch, PS4, and Xbox in one package called Nape Retroverse Collection. For more on the rest of the Nape Games universe, check out their games page on the Nape Games website.

Be sure to also check out the many other Dreamcast games available at VGNYSoft, including Xenocider, Alice Dreams Tournament, and even the 240p Test Suite.

Do you think these games look interesting? Any plans to pre-order any of them? Let us know in the comments below.


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