Wireless Pro Saturn controllers with hall effect analog sticks announced by Retro-Bit; coming December

What’s that? I think that’s the sound of Retro-Bit making another announcement.

If you need a new Sega Saturn controller, they’ve had you covered since 2019, but now they’ve got something new to offer that they kept people waiting four years for: the new Wireless Pro Saturn controllers, in both black and Japanese white with 2.4 Ghz wireless technology for original Saturn consoles, Nintendo Switch, and computers. This could very well be the ultimate Saturn controller.

And yes, people have been waiting with bated breath for this controller since Retro-Bit first revealed it at CES 2019, but wasn’t able to say much throughout the years since besides that it was never cancelled. Retro-Bit cites the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic, the ultimate party pooper, as the main factor for its delay in their own timeline of their collaboration with Sega. Even so, salivating fans kept asking about it on social media after every other Sega controller they’d made was announced. (Not to mention asking about their new Dreamcast controller, which there is still no more news for yet) The wait will soon finally end, as the estimated release date has finally been made: December 2023. Let’s hope it can make it out in time for Christmas.

But enough about that. Time to wait a few seconds more as you check in past the break to hear more info. (Unless your internet is out, in which case, I feel bad for ya.)

Indeed, Retro-Bit is treating this like a huge triumph for them. Everyone’s excitement and desire for a dual analog Saturn controller wasn’t lost on them, and it’s finally had enough delays. The Saturn Pro Controller is now up for pre-order in North America at Rondo Products and Castlemania Entertainment (Formally Castlemania Games) and in Europe at 8BitMods (Black pre-order link) (White pre-order link). More retailers are expected to be announced later. It will launch at $49.99 USD and €49.99 in each region respectively.

UPDATE: Pre-orders have opened up for Europe from Dragon Box Shop and Spel & Sant.

Here are the main features of the controller:

  • Includes SEGA Saturn® and USB® wireless receivers
  • Accompanied with a 3.3ft / 1m USB-C® charge cable
  • Features dual Hall Effect analog sticks for durability and precision
  • 3D Control Pad support* enabled by macro via console receiver
  • Dual analog rumble motors** incorporated in the controller
  • Four shoulder buttons, Home, and Select buttons
  • Rechargeable 500mAh Li-ion battery
  • Compatible with SEGA Saturn® consoles via console receiver
  • Compatible with PC, Mac®, Switch, and other USB®-enabled devices via USB® receiver
  • Up to 30ft / 10m wireless range

*  Only certain titles used this mode on the SEGA Saturn®

** Available when paired with USB®-receiver and applicable title

Hall Effect analog sticks are a new form of analog stick technology currently in vogue due to their resistance of the dreaded drifting effect, in which the stick sometimes sends a perpetual input signal in any one direction even when centered after a long time of use. Many unfortunate Nintendo Switch owners in particular know this pain, so much so Nintendo has been on the hook offering free repairs for Joy-cons that suffer from it. It is nice to know that will be an unlikely occurrence with these new Saturn controllers. Of course, the analog sticks will be very helpful in playing 3D Control Pad compatible Saturn games like Sonic 3D Blast, Burning Rangers, and, of course, NiGHTS Into Dreams.

For more info, check out Retro-Bit’s dedicated webpage for their Saturn and Genesis controllers, where you can see updated pre-order links as well as links to order all their past Sega controllers. (Except the Big6. Here’s the page for that.

And just for fun, here’s what the prototype of this controller looked like at CES 2019. I think the final design looks a lot nicer. Pretty cool seeing the changes, right?

So what’s your take on the Wireless Pro Saturn Controller? Will you be picking one up? Have you been salivating over this since 2019 like most people? Head for Saturn the comments below and let us know all about it.

Oh, and ask Retro-Bit where that new Nomad is too, will ya?


4 responses to “Wireless Pro Saturn controllers with hall effect analog sticks announced by Retro-Bit; coming December

  1. Semmie22 says:

    freaking awesome. will be using this wired on my pc. effin awesome m8

    • Deefy says:

      Same here!!
      I don’t know yet what version to buy… Japan one is always fabulous, but I got the white “normal” (without analogs) some years ago…

  2. Akillian says:

    Man, I literally just bought a 8bitdo SN30 Pro because I have up trying to find the same thing but modeled after Sega.

    Now I find it 😐

    Looks great though, and I’ll have to buy one of these now too.

  3. michelle says:

    Still no firmware release, was told after Christmas. Also I was told there is a version waiting to be “approved” by Sega. (sounds like bs to me) retro-bit say they would send me the firmware but hasn’t yet done so. Instead they keep claiming that they did already. This is a terrible company. A great controller wasted because of terrible firmware. If it wasn’t for sega licensed product I would never have bought it. High suggest another controller, I recommend the Mobapad chitu HD controller. Destroys this controller. Funtionality and compatability wise it works as it’s supposed to. Previously the retro-bit site didn’t say that the V2 firmware wasn’t for the pro controller, so if you install that firmware, your controller won’t turn off anymore. Newer firmware after talks with retro-bit I told them they should change Z and C locked to L and R and instead tie them to the L3 and R3 stick buttons instead. that way you will have 10 buttons to use, out of the box this is 8 buttons Z and C being tied to L and R same function until firmware fixes it, if retro-bit ever releases it. I really do like sega controllers, I really hate retro-bit.
    also saturn pro controller missing analog triggers which is require for some games on the saturn. NOW they keep returning emails saying that they sent me the firmware, I told them in about a dozen emails today that the didn’t send it, can you please send it and all they keep doing is giving me the run around. This is such a terrible company, spend your money elsewhere for real.

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