Key art revealed for upcoming 3D Golden Axe game showcasing main characters and enemies

The new SEGA game news keeps coming today as we have a fresh look at the upcoming 3D action adventure Golden Axe! Unlike Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi, Golden Axe has a brand new logo and potentially could be using simply the name Golden Axe as the final title. This would made sense, as the series has not seen a new game in a number of years and only the arcade original and Genesis/Mega Drive port have used the name. Also revealed is key art of the main cast and enemies including the dreaded Death Adder. While the characters look a little too “World of Warcraft” for my tastes, they do retain the look of the classic trio with new twists. It is likely this is either a reboot or a sequel set years later starring a new cast, as aside from the dwarf looking like Gilius Thunderhead, the male and female look a bit different from the Ax Battler and Tyris Flare fans remember.


3 responses to “Key art revealed for upcoming 3D Golden Axe game showcasing main characters and enemies

  1. Wow, that looks terrible. This does not honor the artistic style of the Golden Axe series at all.

    • Joycey says:

      Ok i love Golden Axe, it was great when i was a kid but these days it needs to evolve. Back then it was a very basic game, we have to move on from nostalgia. I just don’t want a repeat of Beast Rider, i want a 3 player co-op Golden Axe game and i think SEGA are heading in that direction. I’m a huge Tyris Flare fan and if this is her in the new game she looks very different, i’m not really sure if i like her design at the moment.

  2. Mike Ockurts says:

    Straight garbage, looks like a $2 mobile game.

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