Sonic Rumor Roundup: Sonic Toys Party leaks and whispers of Sonic Heroes remake

It seems these days, unless you’re constantly on social media and following a handful of oddly named accounts with shadowy account owners, you’re probably not going to be clued into what Sonic rumors are swirling around. Heck, even I had to crosscheck most of the stuff dropping this week as it seemed news was leaked and then dispelled within a few hours from the same people. So what is going on in the world of Sonic?

Sonic Toys Party footage leaks

First up, we have leaked footage of an upcoming mobile game called Sonic Toys Party. The game, which is said to be seen above in an unfinished state, is essentially Sonic meets Fall Guys and… I guess to explain the insanity, Sonic and his friends are toys? Yes, that logo is a real thing and I really hope it isn’t final. If it is, we might have a contender for worst Sonic game logo of all time. The footage was leaked by The Sonic Show (whose initial upload has been pulled) and spread around online by various Sonic news sites. We don’t have much more to say except that it is in an unfinished state and we do not know if it will be a mobile platform exclusive or another Apple Arcade title. Stay tuned!

Sonic Heroes remake in the works? Maybe… maybe not.

Just as the theme song says, “what goes up must come down”. Early this week, known leaker Midori stated that a Sonic Heroes remake was in the works and Unreal Engine 5 would be used to recreate the game. It was then said, by Sonic Stadium, “No, a #SonicHeroes Remake is NOT in development, according to an insider with knowledge of SEGA’s upcoming plans.”

So which is it? Based on our own insider knowledge™, there has been no mention of a Sonic Heroes remake. There could be another game featuring Shadow in the works outside of Sonic X Shadow Generations, but Sonic Heroes being remade ain’t it. This isn’t to say it is never happening, but nothing is in active development according to SEGA insiders.

So there you have it! You get a toy party but no Heroes remake!


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