Lost in Time No More: SEGA’s Canceled Dreamcast MMO “Far Nation” Leaks Footage Online

Back in the day, the SEGA Dreamcast had quite the list of unreleased games, one of which was “Far Nation.” Briefly announced in 2000, Far Nation was planned to be one of the first console MMORPGs alongside Phantasy Star Online. Details about Far Nation have been scarce for over two decades. Sega only mentioned the title a handful of times before its quiet cancellation in 2001. No screenshots or gameplay details were ever officially revealed.

But now, thanks to Reddit user fuperslizzle0, we might be getting a glimpse of the game. In a post yesterday, they said:

“I’m not going to get too verbose or overbearing with this, other than to say the footage shown here is from a legit disc belonging to a friend of mine who worked at Sega during the time Farnation was in development. We sat down and “played” (or really, experimented with) the game for about 35 minutes, all of which I recorded, and these clips are all we’re prepared to share for now.

Please enjoy, and rest assured, more is coming! ;)”

Interesting enough, “Far Nation” is giving me Panzer Dragoon vibes in terms of its art style. My issue with the leaked footage, however, is that we don’t see any animation. It’s hard to say how far along development was based on how little is shown, so I wouldn’t expect too much. Still, it’s exciting to finally see something for Far Nation.

Fuperslizzle0 has confirmed a few more things about the game:

  • There is more animation in the game, that he will show in the near future.
  • He looked at two characters: a male and female
  • There *might* be more variations to those characters.

They also posted a “texture viewer” video below. From what I understand, the person who worked at SEGA is unsure if they want to come out publicly about their time at the company and how they obtained the Far Nation prototype. It’s hard to blame them – why risk being doxed online?

UPDATE: It looks like a YouTube Shorts has been posted showing more animation of the game:

A few notes about the new gameplay:

  • The game’s charcter displayed on the top left hand corner translates to “Chomechome”
  • When the player character hits the action button the door, the green circle appears with the same text as the character’s name “Chomechome” with a blue banner on top that also has the same phrase.
  • After this the character plays some sort of animation, which seems to be a animation for finding an item or doing completing a task.

If I had to take a educated guess, I’d say all the text in the prototype is just place holder text. I guess we will see more as the game leaks and see if all the in-game’s writing is the exact same “Chomechome” phrase.


As for the phrase “Chomechome”, I got this from Google:

“Japanese Chome Chome is a term that has been used in various contexts, including addresses, music, and even euphemisms. Here’s a breakdown of the concept:

  • Addressing System: In Japan, the addressing system is complex and unique. Chome () refers to a block or district within a city or town. For example, Marunouchi 2-Chome is a district in Tokyo. Chome is often used in combination with other geographical entities, such as wards, cities, and prefectures, to create a specific address.

  • Music: Chome Chome is also the title of a Japanese song, which has been interpreted in various ways. Some believe it’s an onomatopoeia related to sex, while others think it’s an euphemism for the same.

  • Euphemism: In some cases, Chome Chome has been used as a euphemism for certain words or phrases that are considered inappropriate or offensive. This is often represented in written form using symbols or characters.”


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