Keanu Reeves cast as Shadow the Hedgehog in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 movie, and yes that is something I just typed

File this one under “headlines I never would have thought I’d type”: Keanu Reeves has been cast as Shadow the Hedgehog in the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 3 movie. The news was a rumor earlier today, leaked from discussions held at last week’s Cinemacon, and has since been confirmed by Variety. Keanu Reeves was a long hoped for casting decision by fans, and despite rumors of Hayden Christensen getting the role, it has since been clarified that such casting was only considered AFTER a rumor emerged of Hayden landing the role and Paramount considered it once fan sites ran with the rumor. However, Keanu was the top of the list for Paramount and it seems a deal has been struck. Hopefully we hear from the man himself soon!

Fearless: Celebrating the Year of Shadow – SEGA announces celebration of Sonic’s not-so-friendly rival

To celebrate all things Shadow the Hedgehog who made his debut in Sonic Adventure 2 for the SEGA Dreamcast, SEGA has unveiled their second annual fan celebration with Fearless: Year of Shadow to celebrate the amazing fans of Sonic and Shadow similar to last year’s campaign, Fast. Friends. Forever, which highlighted the special bond that Sonic and friends Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose share with their fans.

This year the focus shifts to everyone’s favorite brooding hedgehog, Shadow, who is set to star in the upcoming video game, SONIC X SHADOW GENERATIONS, as well as the highly anticipated movie, “Sonic the Hedgehog 3”, later this year. The campaign celebrates what it means to be Fearless and embracing your inner Shadow by bravely facing challenges head on.

To kick off the campaign, SEGA released a bold launch trailer featuring original music that celebrates Shadow and the fearlessness of the fans.

Hit the jump for more information on other events and action packed activations that will take place during the Year of Shadow.

Sonic 3 Movie Speeds Up! Big Screen Battles Meet Deep Dives in New TV Shows

Knuckles Gets His Own Show: Diving Deeper into the Sonic Movieverse

Gear up, Sonic fans! The lightning-fast blue blur may be sharing the spotlight as the movie franchise ramps up for “Avengers-level events,” but that doesn’t mean your favorite side characters are getting left behind. In a recent interview, Sonic movie producer Toby Ascher hinted at an exciting future for the franchise, with television shows offering a deep dive into lesser-known heroes.

“We got really excited about the idea of expanding our characters in our world into television,” Ascher says. This is fantastic news for fans who crave more backstory and development for characters like Tails, Knuckles, and maybe even Amy Rose! The movies, according to Ascher, are primed to become massive crossover events, much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s epic team-ups. “Sonic 3,” with the introduction of Shadow the Hedgehog, is a clear sign of this direction.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 movie logo revealed, Jim Carrey is back as Doctor Robotnik

In a very Shadow filled week, the Paramount Pictures and Sonic movie social media accounts have shared an official look at the logo for the upcoming third Sonic film, which will fittingly be titled Sonic the Hedgehog 3. In addition to the logo reveal, which was accompanied by an orchestration of Sonic Adventure 2‘s “Live and Learn”, Variety broke the news that Jim Carrey is returning as Doctor “Eggman” Robotnik. Carrey’s involvement was up in the air after the actor alluded to retiring from acting, though he did say he was not fully retiring. Clearly the Sonic movies are a good time for Jim, which explains his returning to the role.

Sonic the Hedgehog and Friends concept art revealed

SonicConcept1During the Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary event over in Japan, Sonic Team presented early concepts for Sonic the Hedgehog and Friends. Some of the weirdest early prototypes included rabbit Sonic the Hedgehog, headband wearing Silver the Hedgehog and scarred up Shadow the Hedgehog. If you are a hedgehog, you started out with some weird designs.

Check out the concept art for Sonic the Hedgehog and Friends below. Tell us what you think of these early concept art prototypes and if they did right with the final designs. Of course, these are just more of the popular Sonic the Hedgehog and Friends designs as they didn’t show a lot of the more niche characters (Fang, please Sonic Team).

[Via NeoGAF]

#Sonic23on23 Celebration Round-up

A golden birthday only happens once and we at SEGAbits wanted to make sure there was some fanfare! That’s why we teamed up with Sonic Stadium and Sonic Retro for an entire week of articles, features and videos, with the intent of looking back at Sonic’s past, analyzing the present and looking forward to the future. For those of you who may have missed some of it, we thought we’d post a run-down of all the content the awesome staff of our three sites created.


Retro Review: Shadow the Hedgehog

segabits shadow the hedgehog

On January 4th 2006, I submitted to Gamefaqs a review for Shadow the Hedgehog , a game which at the time I boldly declared “the worst SEGA game I’ve ever played.” To date, the 2/10 score I gave it is the lowest I’ve scored a game in any context, on any site I’ve reviewed for, and nothing I’ve played either before or since has inspired a similar score. My outlook on SEGA at the time was incredibly bleak; it was a game that really tore down my confidence in the company and where it was headed, and for those reasons I’ve left this review, for the most part, as is, as a piece of history for how I viewed SEGA at the time, and where I feared the company was headed. Though I’ve edited it a little for form and trimmed it down, the message remains intact. Read on for my thoughts on Shadow the Hedgehog, directly from 2006, as I sat down to review what was (and still is) the worst game I had ever played.

SEGA teasing Shadow the Hedgehog for Sonic Dash


SEGA posted the image above on their Facebook page with the message saying, “Get ready for the ultimate challenge!”. If you have played a bad Sonic the Hedgehog game in the last 10 years, you will probably know who the above character is. Shadow the Hedgehog!

Seems that Sonic Dash will be letting you play as Shadow the Hedgehog soon. If the character will be a free update or a pay to play, we don’t know yet. So far, Sonic Dash is only available on iOS platforms.

Shadow the Hedgehog hits ‘PS2 Classics’ in Japan

Sony calls their digital PSN re-releases ‘PS2 classics’ and the latest addition is the not so classic Shadow the Hedgehog. This game is just one of those titles that we here like to forget exists. What’s next? Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 port for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One?

Not to mention the Playstation 2 version of Shadow the Hedgehog is the worst version of the game. It ran better on both Gamecube and Xbox. If you live in Japan you can pick this up for 1,200 yen (About $12.60 USD).

First 4 Figures teases Shadow the Hedgehog statue

First 4 Figures are at it again, teasing another of their Sonic the Hedgehog statues. This time, the company are adding Shadow to their line of modern era statues, which began with Sonic the Hedgehog. The Sonic statue as well as the Shadow statue have yet to release. Both are available for pre-order, with Sonic slated for a Q1 2013 release, and Shadow slated for an unspecified date. First 4 Figures, however, has revealed the pre-order date, which begins November 11th. Personally, I find these statues to be incredibly cool but far outside my price range. It’s a shame First 4 Figures never expanded their awesome, and affordable, classic Sonic vinyl figures. Still, those who have been collecting all of these statues as well as the Shadow fans out there should be very happy to hear the news.

SEGA Five: Bein’ bad – SEGA style

Admit it. When a game gives you the option to be bad, you go for it. Unlike the stupid real world, video games have no repercussions. While game designers may not intend for you to do these bad things, or there are in-game penalties, in the end it’s just a game so you can be bad to your heart’s content, hit the reset button and return to playing the game as it was intended. In this week’s Weekly Five, we celebrate Friday the 13th with five SEGA games which allow you to be (you guessed it) bad.

Crushing Disappointments: Shadow the Hedgehog

Let’s face it, SEGA can’t knock them all out of the park. No company can. Games have budgets and deadlines, and more often than not it’s more profitable to release a bad game and make some of your money back then cancel it and make none. SEGA is regrettably no stranger to bad games, especially in its awkward early years as a third party.

Among these bad games was a game that ultimately marked the decline of the company’s mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog, into a pit of mediocrity. A pit the character wouldn’t even begin to climb out of until the release of Sonic Colors last year. This game was Shadow the Hedgehog.

Full article after the break.

Shadow the Hedgehog was aimed at US market

Takashi Iizuka’s masterpiece Shadow the Hedghog wasn’t received too well by critics, mostly because the game, well sucked. But now he explains why the game was the way it was…

“After Sonic Adventure, we had two studios, in the US and Japan. The Japanese Studio was to develop a Sonic game in the standard style, and the US studio was to develop something different which could contribute to the Sonic franchise. That background generated the Shadow game as he appeared from Sonic Adventure. We wanted to offer other game systems to attract a different audience from traditional Sonic fans. In the US, first and third-person shooters were popular and we decided to go with a character who could work with them.”

I honestly assumed that Shadow the Hedgehog was just ‘Sonic Team’ trying to put out a product like Ratchet and Clank or Jak & Dexter. Too bad the concept wasn’t why the game was bashed…