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Swingin’ Report Show #69: Night Trap ReVamped with Digital Pictures Co-Founder Tom Zito

Posted by Barry the NomadFollow Barry the Nomad on Twitter! on Aug 22nd, 2014

Digital Pictures was a pioneer in the world of interactive full motion video, bringing a cinematic feel to games at a time when players were used to two dimensional sprites. Their titles, which included Night Trap, Sewer Shark, Corpse Killer, Supreme Warrior, the Make My Video series, and many more, spanned a number of genres and appeared on several platforms throughout the 90s. Now, their most famous title Night Trap is set to make a return to modern platforms with former Digital Pictures members leading the way. Director/co-designer Jim Riley, co-designer Rob Fulop, technical director Mark Klein, and executive producer Tom Zito have formed Night Trap, LLC and have established a Kickstarter initiative dubbed Night Trap ReVamped.

Tom Zito joins Barry on our latest Swingin’ Report Show to discuss the creation of Digital Pictures, the never released Control-Vision game console from Hasbro which was to use VHS tapes as cartridges (originally codenamed NEMO), Night Trap‘s releases both past and present, and his team’s plans for the Night Trap ReVamped Kickstarter. This episode is a must for retro SEGA fans and fans of innovations in the video game industry – give it a listen and be sure to check out Night Trap ReVamped!

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PuyoPuyo Tetris to be ported on PS4 & Xbox One consoles this winter

Posted by Kori-MaruFollow Kori-Maru on Twitter! on Aug 21st, 2014


SEGA has recently announced that PuyoPuyo Tetris, the crossover action puzzle game that combines elements from PuyoPuyo and Tetris, will be released digitally on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. The game is set for release on December 4, 2014 for 5,480 yen ($54 in US).

If you’re a PlayStation 4 owner, you can import the title by making a Japanese PSN account. Here are some useful tutorials on how to make a Japanese PSN account here. There are more SEGA titles available to enjoy (take a look at our previous news article on the re-release of Phantasy Star I & II remake) on the Japanese PlayStation Store.

New Hero Bank 2 screenshots/artwork surfaces and set for release on 11/27 in Japan

Posted by Kori-MaruFollow Kori-Maru on Twitter! on Aug 21st, 2014


With Hero Bank successful in Japan with the 3DS title receiving great amount of sells and views from the anime series, SEGA is working on a sequel to the title with a brand new character joining Kaito (Enter the Gold) and Nagare (Dominion Dollar) in Hero Battles. The sequel also features a tag battle mode to play with your friends.

The story takes place two months after the events of Hero Bank. Kaito prevented the ambitions of Adachi and must face a new challenge to face the Seven Clothes Gods by receiving a special mission from Prime Minister Nagata Musaku.

For those who are able to purchase the game early will receive a bonus of a QR code to unlock Sutsu Shi Fu.

We hope that SEGA of America could localize the first game and bring the anime series to a cartoon station in the West soon. The concept of Hero Bank is very unique and the anime is pretty good show to watch.

The game is set for release on November 27, 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS. Artwork and screenshots are available to view by hitting the jump button.

Pay what you want for the Humble SEGA Mobile Bundle

Posted by TimmiT on Aug 20th, 2014

SEGA has teamed up with Humble Bundle again, with them selling a bundle including various Android games for a price decided by you. The games included in this bundle are Sonic 4 Episode 1, ChuChu Rocket! and Virtua Tennis Challenge. If you pay more than the average price, you will also get Sonic 4 Episode 2, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, Crazy Taxi and other games that will be added to the bundle in the near future.

Like most other Humble Bundles, all of the games are DRM-free and a part (or all) of your money can go to charities. With this one they can go to Child’s Play, WaterAid and/or Unicef. You can also decide how much of your money goes to the charities, the games or the Humble Bundle. You’ll be able to get the bundle for the next two weeks, so there’s no hurry for if you want to get it.

Phantasy Star I & II remakes hit PS2 classics on Japanese PSN

Posted by GeorgeFollow George on Twitter! on Aug 20th, 2014


[Above is a fan translated Phantasy Star Generations I]

The remakes of Phantasy Star I & II, titled Phantasy Star Generations I & II have made their way to the PS2 classics on the Japanese PSN store. The games are available to download only on Playstation 3. Both games are retailing on PSN for 864 yen ($8.60).

These remakes appeared under the SEGA Ages banner for the Playstation 2 and sadly neither of these releases made it West, so don’t hold your breath on them releasing on PSN anytime soon.

If you still want to try these games the guys over at PSCave have translated Phantasy Star Generations I and are working on the second one. So you can always try that.

My Life with SEGA sees red in Mortal Kombat II for the SEGA 32X

Posted by AJ on Aug 20th, 2014

The ‘shroom finally blows…. out its candles with the third and final part of the 32X Anniversary Special with a very special 2-Man Scramble that’s dripping with blood. Oh yeah, it’s Mortal Kombat II.

In 1993, this critical and commercial treasure spread faster than herpes in a whore house. After having been unleashed in arcades across the planet, Mortal Kombat II soon spread to nearly every single home console/handheld available at the time. Even though SEGA’s ill-conceived 32-bit add-on went the way of the Virtual Boy in less than a year, its port of the Midway smash is still well regarded to this day….

Is this port a flawless victory? Find out with AJ, Mickey Mac, and newcomer, Erica Winter, before we open presents.

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Arc System Works’ Limited Edition Guilty Gear Xrd Pad Looks…Familiar

Posted by InTheSky on Aug 19th, 2014


Arc System Works announced a limited edition bundle for the Playstation 4 version of Guilty Gear Xrd. Priced at ¥10,778, the bundle includes a Vocal Collection CD, the above pictured controller, and another surprise to be announced at a later date. The controller actually works with both the PS4 and PS3 versions of Guilty Gear Xrd, but will only be sold with the limited edition of the Playstation 4 game.

The controller is noticeably similar to the Sega Genesis controller. It is compact, and features no control sticks unlike the Dualshock 3 and 4 – only a D-Pad. There are six buttons on the right, which sort of fits since Guilty Gear traditionally features a five button system and having those five buttons adjacent to each other could be essential to some players. The overall shape of the Xrd Pad is strikingly similar to the Genesis controller as well.

You often hear of special arcade sticks for fighting games being designed and not pads, though some pads were made for the first iteration of Street Fighter 4. Nevertheless, it’s an unexpected move and the resemblance is uncanny. What do you think?

Credit goes to SegmentNext for the image and initial comparison.

Tuesday Tunes: Zaxxon’s Motherbase 2000 – Stage 1

Posted by Barry the NomadFollow Barry the Nomad on Twitter! on Aug 19th, 2014

There is nothing I love more in Genesis music than cheesy vocal samples, and the 32X shoot ‘em up Zaxxon’s Motherbase 2000 is full of them. This week on Tuesday Tunes, we’re shining the spotlight on the kickass Stage 1 music from the 32X sequel to SEGA’s arcade classic Zaxxon. While the original Zaxxon was devoid of music, like many arcade space shooters of the early 80′s the game relied solely on sound effects, select home releases of the game introduced catchy stage music. The SEGA Master System’s Zaxxon 3D, a console exclusive, was the games first true sequel (Super Zaxxon was more of an upgrade to the original game) and featured a full soundtrack of exciting music. But it was the SEGA Genesis 32X exclusive Zaxxon’s Motherbase 2000 that truly brought the series’ music to – as SEGA would say – the next level. Utilizing the 32X’s enhanced sound capabilities, Zaxxon’s Motherbase 2000 features hectic, driving stage music filled with vocal samples like “GO!”, “WOO!” and unintelligible shouting. For a game as difficult as Zaxxon for the 32X, good music goes a long way in keeping the adrenaline pumping.

After the break, jam out to Stage 2′s music.

SEGAbits Plays Episode #3: SEGA Genesis, SEGA CD, and 32X

Posted by Barry the NomadFollow Barry the Nomad on Twitter! on Aug 18th, 2014

In our latest episode of SEGAbits Plays, Barry walks George through an assortment of SEGA Genesis, SEGA CD and 32X games. Games featured include Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Tail Spin for the Genesis, Eternal Champions for the SEGA CD, and Motocross Championship and Zaxxon’s Motherbase 2000 for the 32X. Stay tuned for our next episode as we play through the best and the worst that the SEGA 32X has to offer!

This episode was recorded after we interviewed former SEGA of America President Tom Kalinske – a man who was influential in the success of the SEGA Genesis and Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as the release of SEGA’s 32X. Listen to the full interview here.