Retro-bit SEGA USB and Bluetooth Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast accessories revealed!


Last month we shared the news that Retro-bit would be creating USB, bluetooth and classic controllers for the SEGA Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast, with the products debuting at CES 2018. Well CES 2018 is happening now, and images of the Retro-bit SEGA products are online! The community section of the RGT 85 Facebook page and Madlittlepixel show us just what we can expect from the new line of products. After the break, let’s check out the images and see what we can see!

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 9.49.16 AM

The SEGA Genesis will have a slick new SEGA Genesis six button Bluetooth Arcade Pad for use with PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and the original SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive using the Bluetooth Receiver (sold separately).


Also available for the Genesis is the standard Genesis/Mega Drive six button pad as well as a USB version. Retro-bit are also releasing new AC Power Adapters, Stereo Audio S-Video Cables and standard AV Cables.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 9.48.35 AM

The SEGA Saturn will see a Bluetooth Control Pad for use on Steam, PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and Saturn with the Bluetooth Adapter. Also available will be a USB Control Pad.


The blurry pic above also shows a variety of Saturn controllers for original hardware, including an all black version, a black with colored buttons version, a white version and a gray version. Extension cables and AV cables are also going to be available.


The Dreamcast will see a Bluetooth Controller, presumably for Steam, PC, Mac, iOS and Android, as well as compatible with the original Dreamcast hardware via a Bluetooth Receiver (sold separately). Also available will be a USB controller, and controllers for the original hardware in black (without the SEGA Sports branding) and the standard white. A VGA box is being released, as well as S-Video cables and power cables.

All-in-all, this is a very exciting partnership which will lead to some really awesome controllers. I know I want to get my hands on all the bluetooth controllers as well as extra white and gray Saturn pads and the black Dreamcast controller. Bye bye, money! No clue what the cost is, but we’ll be sure to share more as we hear it!


19 responses to “Retro-bit SEGA USB and Bluetooth Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast accessories revealed!

  1. Gareth says:

    A Dreamcast VGA adaptor? Guys, we already have those. Make an HDMI adaptor.

  2. DCGX says:

    I agree I feel like they should’ve jumped straight to an HDMI adapter. I also think it’s weird they’re making s-video cables. They’re pretty common and cheap.

    I’ll personally wait and see on the bluetooth controllers too. If they are exactly like the original pad button wise (though a better stick and d-pad would be nice) and weight wise, then depending on price (my guess is between $20-30), then they are no brainers.

  3. Molul says:

    Awesome! I’m getting a Mega Drive bluetooth controller on day one. Been waiting years for it. Atgames should call Retrobit for next Mega Drive mini, to make the controllers.

    I’m guessing 30 for mega drive, 35 saturn and 35-40 dreamcast (the Bluetooth ones). The usb, 5 euros less each.

    As for hdmi adaptor, try to find a good rca to hdmi one out there. It’s not an easy thing to make. Sega should just truly team-up with Atgames to make a perfect Mega Drive mini. I heard Atgames’ 2018 licensed Mega Drive will be better than 2017 Flashback model, but with Sega’s seal of quality, it would sell like crazy.

    Mega Drive’s 30th anniversary looks promising!

  4. Furluge says:

    I thought that bluetooth saturn pad has a select button but then I saw it was a bluetooth button. So sad.

  5. Jonathan Thompson says:

    Do you think that this is a sign that SEGA will start making consoles again?

    • Molul says:

      I highly doubt so.

    • gimmedemcontrollers says:

      As in something like a Playstation, Xbox or Switch? 100% nope and in fact thankfully not, there’s no need for another competitor of that ilk atm.

      If you mean something like a retro-enthusiast system integrating a bunch of games and possibly doing hardware emulation, officially made/branded by SEGA and able to play original game releases (physical, digital versions of games they release on mobile, arcade, PC and the home consoles)?

      …THAT could actually be something worth exploring. A retro-enthusiast system stepping things up a bit beyond the NES/SNES minis and AtGames models, and it would be pretty affordable to make at that. Hopefully that happens sometime soon!!

    • FinalTuned says:

      Sega do make consoles, if by ‘consoles’ you mean hardware then yes Sega have always made consoles and still do.
      What you mean is ‘domestic consoles’ as opposed to arcade consoles – which has always been Sega’s pedigree and heritage.
      In fact all Sega domestic consoles were just based on the original Sega arcade consoles, like;

      S16 console > MegaDrive/Genesis console.
      ST-V console > Saturn console.
      Naomi console > Dreamcast console.

      This applied to just about every domestic Sega console with certain exceptions like the Game Gear, Nomad, Sega/Mega CD and 32X – as these were mainly just add on upgrades for already existing domestic Sega console platforms, the Game Gear is the biggest exception as far as Sega hardware goes as even though it was essentially based off of the earlier Sega Master System technology, it was targeting a completely different market – the portable handheld, and it still remains as the most successful rival that Nintendo’s Game Boy ever contended with, beating out others like Atari’s Lynx, Tigers Game Com and Majesco’s various misc hardware ect.

      Sega getting involved with the domestic console sector in the first place was simply the Sega strategy to enable their home grown Sega Coin Ops to have an easier conversion to the home market after Atari crashed the whole industry in 1983 leaving voids that needed to be filled (yes that’s right, it’s not the first time Sega has been in a third party role, before the Sega Master System/SG Mark series, Sega was making titles for Atari home consoles from the original Sega arcade consoles), hence home Sega consoles were based on the original souped up Sega arcade consoles, to make it easier for programmers to cross over their titles.

    • FinalTuned says:

      Con’t… But yes, make no mistake, Sega has always and still is as much a hardware company as a software one.

      About re-entering the domestic home console sector?
      Well first things first, Sega would have to want to do it, and to want to do it, they’d need an incentive to do it and right now there isn’t any other than to appease nostalgic fans, but as a company, business has to come first.
      And right now, the market is overcrowded as it is with no specific void worthwhile targeting that can’t already be done cheaper on current existing hardware, at least for now.

      Since the Dreamcast, Sega has tapped into other markets like notebook/laptops and PMPs but nothing home console specific as of yet.

    • molul says:

      Easy incentive:

      1.- Look how much money the NES and SNES Classic Mini have made for Nintendo.
      2.- Imagine if you had that money.

  6. ohmygod says:

    Hopefully they can patch in Switch support like the 8bitdo controllers in the future.

  7. Firehawke says:

    My main concerns here are quality and reliability. I’m particularly interested in the Saturn pad, but I’d hate to throw good cash at getting two only to have them bomb out within a month or two– or just as bad, have the pads feel completely wrong and be either unresponsive or overly responsive.

    If these end up good, I’m definitely going to get at least two Saturn pads and one Dreamcast one.

    • Steve says:

      Two Saturn Pads…
      For Fighting games? I’ve heard that the Saturn is a Fighting game machine when it gets right down to it.

  8. kelanflyter says:

    And what about VMU for Dreamcast ?

  9. DjYolo says:

    I want to say good news but retro-bit/retrolink is a bad brand… They already made megadrive/saturn controllers ( whose I buyed a white one half-2015 17€ (20,74$) for Streets of Rage Remake, Kega Fusion and Yabause : I didn’t used it everyday but after 1 month the shoulders buttons started working with difficulty,the D-pad is too loose (quarters of circles are hard to do fastly), XYZ buttons are loose too (Z work with difficulty too), AND it died less than 1 month ago (unrecognized device). 😀
    The only good points are the respected shape and size, and the B button has a good feeling…

    At the time the SEGA SLS USB was sold in Japan around 2005, it seems it used to cost 40-50€ (now around 90-150€ at ebay), so with a price divided between 2 and 3 there’s no miracle…
    I hope that Sega is not stupid and requires a minimum of quality of the SLS level. 😡
    Still, from the pics, the D-pad of these new controllers seems more “rubber” like the originals and not “smooth” like knock-off versions, it’s a beginning !

  10. DjYolo says:
    “The first products and concepts under the agreement include several accessories that feature the same great quality as their original Sega counterparts like the original console port, but also with modern upgrades such as a USB® port for PC compatibility and Bluetooth® wireless technology. These new products are slated to debut in the Innex booth #21023 in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center during CES 2018.”
    “that feature the same great quality as their original Sega counterparts like the original console port”
    They will do “premium” versions compared to their knock-off controllers, but it has taken quite a while…

  11. molul says:

    I finally got a reply from Retro-bit about when will these be launched. End of the year, they said.

    It’s going to be a long 2018 XD

  12. PRF says:

    i run man differnt plat forms PS 1 2 3 4win xp 7 10 Mac os 10-4 10-6 10-8in adition androi 8 & 6 x box 360 what limits will it work with

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