Chinese Exclusive Astro City Mini Revealed, Red Buttons and Gold Limited Edition

You thought SEGA was done releasing variants of the Astro City Mini? Think again! China will be seeing a release of the machine, featuring a red joystick and buttons as well as an accompanying controller. Also available will be a limited edition gold unit, though if you ask me it looks more like an old yellowing arcade machine which I guess has its own charm. No word on if the games lineup will be the same as Japan, but we will report back once we hear something.

SEGA to localize Yakuza Zero for the Chinese market

It seems that SEGA of Japan is really trying to cash in on the newly opened Chinese console market, a few months ago SEGA announced that they would be localizing Phantasy Star Nova and Shining Resonance in traditional Chinese. Now they have announced the same treatment for Yakuza Zero.

I’m glad that SEGA is taking advantage of China lifting the ban on consoles back in 2013. Even though console games had a 14 year ban, PC games did not and that industry was worth 6 billion dollars in China. I can see why SEGA is gambling on releasing their games for Chinese players.

But as a American gamer all I’m asking is where is my English releases of Japanese SEGA games…

SEGA letting you choose the next Transformers: Human Alliance trailer


If you didn’t know, SEGA is teasing their upcoming light-gun licensed game titled Transformers: Human Alliance. We have covered it before and since I really like SEGA’s (good) license arcade titles (Daytona USA, Die Hard Arcade and the lot). This time SEGA is letting users vote on what ‘trailer’ they want to see next. Each trailer is based on a area in the game, these two areas are England (which you have to like their Facebook post to vote on) and the other is Africa (which you have to share the post to like it.)

“20,000 likes! Thanks everyone! To celebrate we are going to give you a chance to see some of Transformers Human Alliance in action for the first time! LIKE to see the England stage or SHARE to see the Africa stage! Which ever is highest we will share a video of that stage next week!”

Its not surprising that England stage is winning, Facebook users are more inclined to like a post than to share it on their wall. If you want to cast your vote, check out SEGA Amusement’s Facebook page here.

SEGA testing their Transformers arcade game in China


Wait, SEGA has the license to make Transformers arcade games? That is new to me. SEGA’s Chinese studios will be creating this title, they have made other arcade titles like SEGA Golden Gun and K.O. Drive. Now the team is ready to start testing their next arcade title, Transformers: Human Alliance. Seeing as how Transformers is now a huge brand again, with those Micheal Bay movies, I would not be shocked if they do bring over this arcade title later in the year (and neither is the guys over at Arcade  Heroes).

Not too much information is available about the game yet, but it seems to be a shooting game where humans fight along with autobots to save planet earth. Could this be a light-gun game? Third person shooter? I guess we will see when footage starts hitting the internet.