Yakuza Kiwami Steelbook Edition and release date announced


For those that have been waiting for Yakuza Kiwami information since its western announcement, we finally know when it will release and for what price! For a limited time, people can order a special Steelbook Edition for the game, at a surprisingly low price of $30. The game will be released on August 29th, 2017 in both American and European countries, and is readily available for pre-order on Amazon.

For those that are not informed, Yakuza Kiwami is a remake of Yakuza originally released in 2005 in Japan and 2006 in other regions for the Playstation 2. This remake was built from the ground up, containing the base game but with updates such as having 1080p and 60FPS support and a reworked script, along with a new “Majima Everywhere” system. If you haven’t picked up Yakuza 0, then Yakuza Kiwami is also another fine point to start out with the Yakuza series.

[Source: SEGA]

Amazon Pre-Order
Yakuza Kiwami Steelbook | Yakuza Kiwami Standard

Yakuza 0 set to hit the Americas and Europe on January 24, 2017 – pre-order now!


A press statement from SEGA has just released, detailing the release information for the upcoming western localization of Yakuza 0. The prequel game to the longtime running franchise is set to hit the Americas and Europe on January 24th, 2017 on the Playstation 4  both physically and digitally, and will be priced at $59.99. Show your support for localized games and physical release by pre-ordering Yakuza 0 today! If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you get 20% off the game, which is a pretty sweet deal.

After the break, check out the full press release as well as some new screens.

Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse coming to the Americas summer 2016

Atlus USA has just announced that Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse (Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final in Japan) will be releasing to the Americas this summer. The game is said to overlap with the original SMTIV, with the game’s story focusing on a Hunter cadet who gets killed by one of the demons wreaking havoc on post-apocalyptic Tokyo. Thankfully, the fallen Hunter is resurrected by the mysterious god Dagda and is set on a path that walks the line between good and evil. The game is set to hit Nintendo 3DS systems physically and digitally for $49.99/CA$64.99.

Check out the trailer above, and after the break check out the Atlus press release and some screenshots.

7th Dragon III Code: VFD Nintendo 3DS launch edition to include art book

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In a clear case of SEGA’s acquisition of Atlus rubbing off on SEGA of America comes news of yet another launch edition of an upcoming physical release. SEGA 3D Classics Collection has decals, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered has a steelbook case, and now 7th Dragon III Code: VFD has been confirmed to include a 28-page art book and collector’s box. SEGA promises that the art book will contain “a closer look at the design work that went in to creating the game’s esoteric character classes, ferocious dragons, vile monsters, and the environments that span three time periods”. The box will likely be no different from the Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX launch edition, which is a cardboard box featuring the game’s case art. Still, it looks nice on a shelf.

7th Dragon III: Code VFD will arrive this summer in retail stores and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS in the Americas. The game will be available for $39.99/CA$54.99 and had been rated T by the ESRB. For more information please visit: http://7thdragon.sega.com

The Cave releasing to iOS on October 3rd

SEGA has revealed that Double Fine’s The Cave will be available on October 3rd on the App Store for $4.99/£2.99/€4.49 for iOS devices. The Cave is an adventure game from Ron Gilbert, creator of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion, and Double Fine Productions, the studio behind Psychonauts and Brütal Legend. In The Cave Players assemble a team of three from seven unique adventurers and then descend into the mysterious depths. The iOS release features new touch screen controls  to enhance the experience. If you’d like to learn more about the game, check out the official site or visit The Cave Facebook page. You can find Double Fine on Twitter and see gameplay footage and more at the Double Fine YouTube page.

Stay tuned to SEGAbits this week, as we’ve partnered with SEGA to bring you some cool The Cave content including a contest featuring Cave swag. Cwag?

SEGA details Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed 3DS with new screens and info

The SEGA Blog has today revealed new screens and details regarding the Nintendo 3DS release of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. The screens, seen after the break, look rather jaggy and blurry. However, as we’ve seen the game looks a lot better when it is actually being played, which is typically the case with 3DS titles when it comes to screenshots. The game is still set for a February 8, 2013 release in Europe and a February 12, 2013 release in North America. Other features include:

  • StreetPass challenges and features
  • The ability to play with up to seven friends using multi cart or single cart play
  • 22 playable SEGA All-stars characters
  • Over 20 tracks and arenas

Also noted, like the other versions of the game there will be a bonus edition available for a limited time. Bonus edition content features: Metal Sonic along with his transforming vehicle and Mod Pack, an additional Outrun Bay Track plus challenges and time trials, and stickers for your in-game driver’s license.

Project X Zone now available for pre-order at GameStop

On Monday we shared the great news that Project X Zone would be coming West this summer. However, we didn’t know certain details including who was publishing it, how much it would cost, and if the title was to be changed or would remain as is. A pre-order page for the game at GameStop.com, which appeared today, answers those questions. The game will continue to be called Project X Zone, the price is $39.99 and the publisher is Namco Bandai Games America. Also included is a brief description of the game: “This epic crossover title brings together the fiercest and most popular legacy characters from NAMCO BANDAI, SEGA®, and Capcom’s most beloved franchises to create a Strategy-RPG experience that can only be described as the ultimate cross-over title.”

Personally, I’m hoping we get the Special Edition which includes an art book and soundtrack. When further details are known, including a specific release date and potential pre-order bonuses or special editions, we’ll be sure to share the news.

Project X Zone coming West this summer!

Via IGN comes a bit of awesome news. The very-Japanese-there-is-no-way-it-is-coming-West game Project X Zone is in fact slated to release in North America, Latin America, Europe and Australia this summer! For those not in the know, Project X Zone is a SEGA, Namco-Bandai, Capcom crossover tactical RPG game featuring 200 characters from over 29 different franchises. SEGA fans who have been following the Japanese release of the game have spotted a number of SEGA all-stars including Ulala from Space Channel 5, Sakura Shinguji from Sakura Taisen and Bruno Delinger from Dynamite Deka (the full roster can be seen here). No other information, such as publisher or a possible title change, has been given, but once we learn more we’ll be sure to share it!

Thanks to SEGAbits forum member CrazyTails for the heads up!

NiGHTS and Sonic Adventure 2 Heritage Collection releases dated and priced

SEGA has finally revealed the release dates and prices for NiGHTS and Sonic Adventure 2, both of which are a part of SEGA’s Heritage Collection. NiGHTS and Sonic Adventure 2 will be available on PSN on October 2nd for $9.99 USD, and available October 5th for 800 msp on XBLA. So both games in one day? Sweet deal! SEGA has also announced Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Mode DLC for an additional $3/240 Microsoft Points. Battle Mode includes more maps and characters from the Gamecube version, including Chao Karate. Also revealed is that NiGHTS will have the Christmas NiGHTS content included at no extra charge.

No word on Europe yet, when we get the details we’ll share them. However, we can assume the price will be similar to the US.

Kingdom Conquest released for iOS devices, it’s free!

A few months back we brought you some early info on SEGA’s new combination town strategy game and 3-D dungeon crawler Kingdom Conquest. Well today, that game is available to download for FREE via the iTunes app store and can be played on any iOS device. Learn more about the game here, and if you own an iOS device download it NOW! It’s free, it’s a new IP and thus far from what I’ve played it’s pretty cool!

Chu Chu Rocket hitting the iPhone in late October

Forgive me for not thinking of a cat and mouse pun for the headline. Via SEGA’s e-newsletter comes an official word on when we can expect the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to get Chu Chu fever: late October! Considering the iDevice’s are getting Sonic 4 next week, October will be a big month for SEGA on the App Store. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but $7.99 to $9.99 seem to be the magic numbers for other new App Store releases from SEGA.

[Source: SEGA Pass]

Tournament of Legends trailer and release info

SEGA has just released the boxart, pricing plan and trailer for the upcoming Tournament of Legends video game. Don’t know what Tournament of Legends is? Its the new game by High Voltage Software, the guys that did The Conduit.

The trailer above shows some cinematic stuff created via High Voltage’s Wii engine and if you hit the jump you will see the box art. Game will cost $29.99 when it comes out on July 6th.