Phantasy Star NOVA TGS Trailer

The trailer shows a bit of gameplay and CGI, while using the word “Confidential” a lot. Looks like PSO2 battle system with a bit of Tri-ace flavor, IMO.

Phantary Star Nova will be out on the Vita in Japan in 2014.


9 responses to “Phantasy Star NOVA TGS Trailer

  1. zeek says:

    This MUST come out in the west. Please Sega. I will get the Vita TV and play a brand new Tri-Ace offline Phantasy Star on my TV!

  2. Ben says:

    Cool to see, after all these years, a more traditional RPG being made of the Phantasy Star series.

    Hope it comes to the West, preferably with the option to digital download it on the PS3/PS4.

  3. CrazyTails says:

    lol traditional?

  4. Ben says:

    “lol traditional?”

    Meaning, not an MMO.

  5. CrazyTails says:

    pso games have never really been mmo’s but rather co op action games with lobby(es). which themselves offer single player experiences and storylines with AI companions and all that fluff, for those who enjoy that.

    aside from the fact this game won’t have huge emphasis online. it seems to play quite the same. maybe even more different from any sort of “traditional” or already established gameplaystyle since its being made by tri ace.

    to me it just looks like a tri ace game like star ocean

    could be fun

  6. Ben says:

    Star Ocean’s a pretty traditional Japanese RPG though, action-based battle system aside. It hits all the marks that most Japanese RPGs do.

    It’s very different than more experimental efforts, like, say, Resonance of Fate.

    As far as the PSO games, I don’t think anybody will say that PSO has been known for their single player story modes. This game has made it the focus, so presumably it will have more of an emphasis on story and structure, as opposed to the grinding/collecting/MMO-ing of the PSO series.

  7. radrappy says:

    Im trying to be pumped for this game but the in game footage looks kind of. . .bad.

  8. Ben says:

    In-game visuals definitely don’t look like the near PS3-level visuals that the Vita is capable of.

    But I wasn’t really expecting them to, to tell you the truth. Sega hasn’t exactly been known for pushing the 3DS either, graphically.

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