Fruit’Y is a new indie Dreamcast puzzle game, and it’s available now!

In the midst of Ghost Blade, the impending release of Pier Solar and the release of Volgaar the Viking comes yet another indie Dreamcast game – Fruit’Y! Developed by retroguru, Fruit’Y is a fruit matching puzzle game featuring 120 levels, pixel graphics and a killer soundtrack. What surprised me the most is that the game is out now to purchase – no pre-orders here folks – and is incredibly affordable. A pressed disc with full color art in a DVD case will only set you back 2.50 Euros or around $2.81. Shipping isn’t too bad, as it only cost around $10.41 total for the game to ship from Germany to SEGAbits Midwest HQ in the United States.

The game is limited to 500 copies, so pick one up soon from Dragon Box Shop! I’ve already seen people receiving theirs in the mail, and hope to get my hands on my copy within the next few days.


4 responses to “Fruit’Y is a new indie Dreamcast puzzle game, and it’s available now!

  1. DCGX says:

    My order shipped this past Monday, and I’m eagerly awaiting the game!

  2. Hitrax says:

    First puzzler on Dreamcast since that WaterBlocks game (something or other I think) by YuanSoftware, which had a specifically designed Dreamcast character which was a walking Dreamcast memory card man.

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