SEGAbits at Tokyo Game Show 2016 Preview: Rez Infinite (PS4/PSVR)


The third iteration of Rez is only a few weeks away and Enhance Games took the PlayStation stage at Tokyo Game Show to once again demo the game. Tetsuya Mizuguchi, in his synesthesia suit garments, revisited a demo that has been shown for some time now. In it, the player travels through three out of order sections of Area 1, along with Area 4’s boss. SEGAbits was in attendance at Tokyo Game Show 2016 and had a chance to preview the game. What did we think? Read on!

This was also the demo available for the public to test at the show floor and which I had the chance to try. It should be noted that it was also my first experience with VR. Being a long time fan, I immediately felt right at home, instantly absorbed by the world of Rez, whose 15 year old visuals do not show any sign of age. Aiming is done with head tracking and shooting with the buttons. The analogue sticks are completely discarded in the VR mode of the game, and only used if the game is played in its regular mode.

Needless to say, the demo ended pretty quickly. With it, the feeling of excitement. Once the VR novelty wears off this is very much the same Rez we know and love from the Dreamcast days, although running at 1080p60 with 7.1 surround sound. Which brings us to Area X, a completely new addition to the game. I can only be sorry for there just being one Area X, as this is the closest we will ever be to a sequel. Music and art style are as impressive as they can be and don’t feel tacked on. Just by looking at it, I can safely say it is the epilogue this game always deserved.

I cannot wait to try the final release next month and I encourage anyone, fans of the game or not, VR fans or not, to try it. Rez is still mandatory in any gamer’s library. VR, however, remains to be seen. Rez Infinite will be out on PlayStation 4 on 13th October as a digital release. It is also available as a limited physical release from

Special thanks to SEGAbits reader, forum member and Tokyo Game Show 2016 reporter Bruno for the preview write-up!


2 responses to “SEGAbits at Tokyo Game Show 2016 Preview: Rez Infinite (PS4/PSVR)

  1. kevin-N says:

    I have the game on Dreamcast and digital on xbox 360, i orderd the game on because is prefer physical.

  2. VR Melbourne says:

    Incredibly cool game. Hi, I have a PSVR, and I really like this game. In general, I am crazy about virtual reality games and everything connected with it. Every Friday I even go to the rooms of virtual reality. By the way, who will be in Melbourne, be sure to go to You will not regret. Your game lacks a multiplayer game, and this is a very high-quality product. Since childhood, I love SEGA, especially this blue hedgehog – Sonic. Will there be a new version of “Rez Infinite” or some fixes? Give thanks!

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