Yakuza 0 Vita App not being localized for English release

When Yakuza 0 released in Japan it had a Yakuza 0 Vita app released for free that would let players play Super Monkey Ball, fight for money, and all this would sync with the console version of Yakuza 0. So the Yakuza 0 Vita app would basically let you progress in making money, but on the go. It was a nice little extra surprise for Vita owners, but western Yakuza fans won’t be able to enjoy the on the go mayhem as SEGA has confirmed that the Yakuza 0 Vita app won’t make it west.

What we will be missing out on:

  • Super Monkey Ball Special
  • Columns 
  • Sega Mahjong MJ Single
  • Special Attack Aircraft Carrier Beluga

SEGA & Atlus PR Manager John Hardin has confirmed via Twitter that the Yakuza 0 Vita app would not be getting a western release. Do you think its a big deal to not include these types of little extras, even if it doesn’t ruin the overall package? Sound off in the comments below.

[Source: YakuzaFan]


One response to “Yakuza 0 Vita App not being localized for English release

  1. Hitrax says:

    Quite a disappointment, so it’s not just the main theme title track that will be cut from the original Japanese localisation, for international copy right reasons? Okay fair enough I can accept that, that is a good reason for why it could not be incorporated.

    But this? Is just laziness. And a big disappointment! The biggest cut to the original source of an entry in the series since Yakuza 3, probably bigger than that in fact.

    Was very pleased to see that they have made a recent effort to bring over Yakuza 6 and the Yakuza 1 remake – Yakuza Kiwami, so this is a bit of a let down since then, just hope they don’t butcher more content in the next couple of releases.

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