[Update: Shipping lowered!] New indie Dreamcast game Intrepid Izzy hits Kickstarter


Back in March we shared the news that indie Dreamcast developer Senile Team, creators of Rush Rush Rally Racing and Beats of Rage, were working on a platformer titled Intrepid Izzy. Now, it looks like the team plans to bring the game to Dreamcast, PC and (should they hit a stretch goal) PlayStation 4 via a Kickstarter campaign. With a €35,000 goal ($41,268), they still have a ways to go having just hit the 10% mark.

Update: Originally I complained about the high shipping price, here on Twitter and Facebook. After I, and others, caught Senile Team’s attention they worked fast for a solution and I am happy to report that shipping has dropped from €30 to €13 ($15) for all regions! The Intrepid Izzy Kickstarter has added a new tier (as Kickstarter does not allow existing tiers to be edited or removed) which features the lower rate. A big thank you to Senile Team for listening to fans (because yes, while I complain, I love their work). You can check out their Kickstarter here.

Original article text follows:

I hate to bring opinion into a news piece, but for those in the US, and several other parts of the world, the team is tacking on €30 shipping. That’s right, the price of the game is equal to shipping. So you’re actually spending a hefty €60 ($70). Europeans, meanwhile, are being charged €13. When asked about shipping rates in the comments, Senile Team replied “we wish shipping were cheaper too… but there’s nothing we can do about it”. We noted the high price on Twitter and received the reply “Yeah… Any suggestions?”. My suggestion was to ship in bulk to a local distributor who then could ship locally. Senile Team responded by saying “I’ll look into it, but even so… I’m afraid Kickstarter won’t let us change this configuration after launch.”

I love Senile Team’s games, and they are one of the few indie Dreamcast developers I have faith in delivering a completed game, but the shipping rate really needs to be sorted out. It’s way too high and detracts from potential backers. If the shipping rate really is not a problem for you, I suggest checking the project out! The game looks fun and it’s always nice to see something that is not a shmup on the Dreamcast.


2 responses to “[Update: Shipping lowered!] New indie Dreamcast game Intrepid Izzy hits Kickstarter

  1. bullet force says:

    This is GREAT! Shipping price has dropped from €30 to €13 ($15) for all regions!!!!

  2. ONESTAR says:

    They are very near their goal but still need help with less than 24 hours left.

    They have released their Demo to the public. Please help make this game a reality. Perhaps we could get a news piece here about the demo release?

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