Indie shmup NEO XYX releases today for the SEGA Dreamcast

It has been a busy time for indie SEGA Dreamcast games. Last month we saw the release of Redux: Dark Matters, next month is expected to see the release of Pier Solar, and today we see the release of NG:DEV.TEAM’s NEO XYX. Described as a maniac shooter, the game features 6 stages with 6 endbosses and 5 midbosses, all rendered in 16-bit hand-drawn graphics. The game supports the VMU, VGA out, and the Dreamcast arcade stick. The game also features both vertical (TATE) and horizontal (YOKO) controls, and depending on your screen orientation, the HUD changes to suit the screen mode.

You can purchase the game at the official NG:Dev.Team store, or you can find it for a bit less at Play-Asia in a Standard Edition release, a Limited Edition release which includes the game’s soundtrack, and a Collector’s Edition release.


One response to “Indie shmup NEO XYX releases today for the SEGA Dreamcast

  1. DCGX says:

    YAY!!!! A busy time indeed for the Dreamcast and a great time to be a Dreamcast owner! I received my shipping confirmation this morning. If it’s one thing we can depend on NG:Dev Team, outside of solid games, is that when they announce a firm release date they stick to it.

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