New After Burner Climax trailer and info

There has been little to no After Burner Climax information, so we are posting the little information SEGA has posted online. First of all we have a new trailer, that is fast and full of action above.

In one of the game’s blog updates, producer Toru Murayama confirmed that the game will not have online co-op. They decided to “hold off” on the feature after talking with the original arcade team. The game will be shown in playable form next week in the Xbox 360 Shooting Festa.

Hit the jump to see the options screen!

From top to bottom the options are:

  • BGM Volume
  • Sound Effect Volume
  • Voice Volume
  • Auto Save
  • Rumble
  • Up/Down Controls
  • Left/Right Controls
  • Movement Control Sensitivity
  • Difficulty

There is also a “EX Mode” shown. Below are more screenshots of the game.


2 responses to “New After Burner Climax trailer and info

  1. Aki-at says:

    Going to be one of the best games on XBLA and PSN this year. Looking forward to it, hopefully it can sell as well as VOOT and establish XBLA/PSN as solid revenue streams for SEGA.

  2. Sega Uranus says:

    Hopefully this is only the start of more arcade releases on the platforms. I could name like 30 SEGA arcade games I want from off the top of my head.

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