Crazy Taxi iOS confirmed to have original soundtrack, to release today

As predicted, Crazy Taxi is hitting the App Store this week! In fact, you might even be able to download it today. Crazy Taxi for iOS, which was announced Monday, has begun to roll out to App Stores around the globe with New Zealand getting it first and the US and Europe to follow later tonight/early tomorrow. The New Zealand product page lists all the features as well as reveals the price. The game will cost £2.99 / $4.99 and is sized at 125 MB.  The game is universal, however it does require iOS 4.3 or later. After the break, check out all the game’s features including confirmation of the original soundtrack!

Crazy Taxi coming October 2012 to iOS… with The Offspring?

SEGA has posted a short but sweet trailer announcing Crazy Taxi for iOS devices. When does it release? This month! What day? No idea, yet. What will the game contain? From the looks of things, the original game and if the teaser’s music is a hint, part of or the full original soundtrack. Crazy Taxi released to PSN and XBLA back in November 2010, but sadly the game was missing its heart: the rocking soundtrack featuring music from The Offspring and Bad Religion. Even if that sort of music isn’t your thing, you can’t deny that it is a very important part of the game. Crazy Taxi on iOS, with some of or all of the original music, could be a homerun for SEGA. When we learn more, we’ll share it. Hell, given Zaxxon Escape released to the App Store the same week it was announced, we very well could see Crazy Taxi as soon as this friday!


Dreamcast collection is coming to Onlive

It seems that OnLive users will finally have some SEGA love coming their way. Matt Jensen, the community manager for Onlive, has announced on their podcast that Dreamcast Collection will be coming out on their service. If you forgot, the package will include four Dreamcast titles:

  • Space Channel 5 Part 2
  • Sonic Adventure
  • Crazy Taxi
  • SEGA Bass Fishing
The Dreamcast Collection will be released on Tuesday. If you haven’t tried Onlive or know what it is, it lets you play any PC game on almost any device including iOS and Android phones. How does it work? You are actually streaming the game from another computer they set up. It’s online, hint the name Onlive. They also offer a PlayPack Bundle that allows you to play unlimited games for a set price. Think of it as the PC gaming version of Netflix.

The Weekly Five: The Best Unseen SEGA Characters

SEGA has a massive stable of iconic characters. From the normal (Ryo Hazuki) to the bizarre (ToeJam and Earl) and everything in-between. But what about the characters you never see? They’re just as iconic, yet they have never had a face to put to the voice. In this week’s five, we will be shining the spotlight on the best unseen SEGA characters. The characters who can define a game without the need for a visit to SEGA’s character design department.

SEGA Sales: 50% off select XBLA titles (UPDATED)

CVG has just reported that from April 19th through April 25th, Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode I, Crazy Taxi, and OutRun Online Arcade will have their prices slashed by 50%. OutRun will run you 400 points, Sonic 4 will cost 600, and Crazy Taxi will set you back another 400 points. No better time to pick these titles up than now.

SEGA Europe has posted a blog about this same sale that includes ALL of their XBLA titles included in this sale. Pick these titles up NOW. Below is a of the titles on sale.

[Source: CVG]
[Source: SEGA]

XBLA has After Burner Climax and Crazy Taxi 50% off

Microsoft is holding a sale for XBLA, called ‘Extreme Shopping’. It will start today, March 29th and end on April 4th. There are a ton of games on sale, two of the SEGA games happen to be After Burner Climax and Crazy Taxi.

Each will cost you 400 MS points, half off what they originally cost. If you would like to see the rest of the games on sale, hit this link.

Steam has DC collection for 50% off

Following the SEGA Genesis Collection deal, you can also get the DC Collection for 50% off. On Steam, each title is sold for $8.99, if you add that together and take off 50%, it comes to roughly $20 for 4 games.

The only thing that sucks is that you can’t get the ones you want for 50% off, so you have to stick them all together.

[Source: Steam]
[Thanks: SEGA Dude]

5 Ingredients for a Great Crazy Taxi Movie

Believe it or not, a Crazy Taxi movie had been in the works as early as 2001! Initially, director Richard Donner (of the first Superman film) had been attached to direct an adaptation of the hit SEGA video game. Said Donner in an interview with, “Everybody in my company loves it. Everybody loved Crazy Taxi from the beginning. I used to love to play it and the opportunity of turning it into a film came up so now we’ve got to [adapt] a game that has no characters that come to life. So, now we’ve got to create the characters so that you care about it and you care about them, you get emotionally charged by them and committed”. Donner further stated that he wasn’t certain that the game characters would be in the film, unless they work and can be embellished upon. As for location, Donner had decided on New York City.

Of course, these plans never came to fruition and due to difficulties in finding a plot for the film, Donner dropped the project and the rights were picked up by Mindfire Entertainment, the idiots behind those awful House of the Dead movies. Thankfully, Mindfire has yet to bring the proposed Crazy Taxi film to screens (or direct to DVD) and perhaps they have since lost the rights. Despite any hopes for a Crazy Taxi movie being dead in the water, as fans we can still dream. So join me as I reveal the five ingredients for a grrrrrreat Crazy Taxi movie!

Review: The Dreamcast Collection

Back in November 2010, online retailer GameStop let slip that a title called “The Dreamcast Collection” was to be released. In January 2011, SEGA officially announced The Dreamcast Collection for the XBOX 360 and PC. Between that time, speculation and hype ran rampant. Was the collection to be as massive as the previously released Genesis collection? Were we to receive Power Stone,  Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and many more non-SEGA games on a release published by SEGA? Would the disc contain both Shenmue titles? Once officially announced, many of the expectations were not met. It wasn’t to be an all-out tribute to the console, nor a mega collection of a dozen games. Rather, the Dreamcast Collection turned out to be a disc release of four previously released and soon to be released XBLA titles at a budget price.

Despite not being what many were hoping for, how does the release fair as an XBLA compilation?

SEGA Sequel Saturdays: Craaaaazy Taxi

We’re at episode 3 of SEGA Sequel Saturdays, and for this go-round, I’m taking a look at Crazy Taxi, a series that many SEGA fans (especially those old enough to have been to something called an “arcade,”) have fond memories of. Though the home console ports got old for me after about a weekend, there’s just something about the first entry in this series (I never really got into the other two) that screams “SEGA!” and it’s a series I’d love to see brought back, though only if it really expands upon what the earlier entries offered.

Videos of the Android Dreamcast emulator

OK, emulators don’t always run great and this one isn’t anywhere near finish it seems, but its good knowing that one day it will be pretty good to play most games and claim to all that the Dreamcast lives on… in your pocket.

According to Engadget, the phone being used in the video is the Samsung Captivate. You can see two more videos here: Crazy Taxi (better running) and Soul Calibur.

[Source: Engadget]

Review: Crazy Taxi (PSN)

Crazy Taxi has had lots of ports since it first debuted back in 1999. It has been 10+ years and we have had the franchise appear on Gamecube, Playstation 2, Xbox, PC, and even on the PSP. Now PSN/XBLA will get a port of the first game.