SEGA Retrospective: Sakura Taisen Week – Imperial Assault Force, Move Out!


Konnichiwa! Kori-Maru here to welcome our readers to Sakura Taisen week.

In commemoration of Valentine’s Day we’ll be providing you with a full week of coverage for SEGA’s popular dating/strategy game. Since its release in Japan on the SEGA Saturn back in 1996, the franchise expanded with sequels, spinoffs, stage shows, animation, and even a motion picture. While Sakura Taisen was a smash hit in Japan, the franchise was never given much exposure in the west due to SEGA’s western branches not believing the series would find an audience.

Luckily, other companies disagreed, and Sakura Taisen’s anime and manga would reach western shores in the early 2000s thanks to companies like ADV films and Tokyopop. Thanks to NIS America, even Sakura Taisen’s latest game, Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love, was able to make reach western markets. Most recently, last year’s Project X Zone for the Nintendo 3DS saw a Western release and featured Sakura Taisen characters and locations.

To get you guys prepped for a week of Sakura Taisen, check below for an overview of the series!

Sakura Wars Mobage will feature a costume changing system and sign ups

A few months ago, SEGA and Red Entertainment made a partnership with Mobage to develop a new Sakura Wars game which displeased many fans in Japan.  However, Sakura Wars for Mobage  will feature a original story featuring several characters from the franchise a new gameplay system that involves changing costumes.

Details about how this  will change gameplay have not been announced as of yet. Signups for Sakura Wars for  Mobage start today and if you register early you’ll get an ultra rare  Sakura Shinguji card. Service for the game is scheduled to begin sometime this winter.

Special Thanks to SEGAFAN for the tip!

Sakura Wars CG Motion Manga heading to Japan by TOMOTOON!

SEGA and Red has collabrated with japanese animation studio TOMOTOON! to bring the manga adaptation of Sakura Wars by series creator, Ouji Hiroi, to life with CG motion, which was also translated into english towards the Western manga readers by the manga publishing company, TokyoPop.

The trailer features a few first panels of the manga in full motion CG, almost compared to the Valkyria Chronicles cutscenes. I happen to like motion comics by comic publishers like Marvel and DC Comics for example and pretty stoke to see how this turns out as a fan of the series. What are your thoughts?

Sakura Wars The Movie to be rereleased by Funimation in Blu Ray format

News has it that Funimation has picked up the license rights to rerelease Sakura Wars: The Movie on Blu Ray Disc this morning. A source from Twitter states that the movie will still retain the Geneon Dub with added extra features. The movie was previously released on DVD and PSP UMD by Geneon a few years back. The movie’s plot follows the Imperial Assault Force after Lt. Ogami Ichiro departs to Paris and are later introduced to Star Division’s member Rachete Altair to battle against the upcoming evil that is descending upon the Imperial Capital.

If your a fan of SEGA media, you should check this movie out when it’s rereleased on Blu Ray. Now if only Funimation can obtain the TV series rights for Toonami. Hit the jump to see the Twitter announcements.

SEGA Tunes SEGAbits Staff Spotlight: Kori Maru

“Hello SEGABits readers! I’m Kori-Maru, admin of The Website of the Dead. Some call me one of the more “hardcore” Sega fans out there for my extensive knowledge of Sega’s games and my love for HotD. I would like to share some of my favorite SEGA tunes with you guys and my experiences with them. Let’s start out with…

Sakura Wars So Long My Love seiyuu, Naoya Uchida, to have a live birthday concert


Famous Japanese voice and stage actor Naoya Uchida, who is known as the voice and potrayer of Commander Michael Sunnyside from SEGA/RED’s fifth installment of Sakura Wars, will be turning 60 this year and to celebrate his birthday, there will be a live concert plus special guest, Dandy Dan (potrayed by Mr. Shintaro), will appear on stage. For our SEGABits readers who reside in Japan, the live birthday concert will be held on May 1st at Ebisu Switch Skylight. Hope his birthday goes out with a bang to the rooftops! (SW fans would know this)

Retro Review: Sakura Taisen

Sakura Taisen (Sakura Wars) is a Strategy RPG adventure series that features a unique sim-based story system developed by AM7 Team Shinobi (Overworks) from SEGA along with Red Entertainment. The series first began in 1996 for the Sega Saturn and spawned several sequels, including OVA adaptations, TV anime series, a movie, and other merchandises. While the game was a successful Sega IP in Japan, it never had a release in the West until the release of the fifth game, which was released and published by NIS America. However, the series has had a cult following within the Sega & anime community fan base with english releases of anime videos. Want to know what I think about the game and how awesome it is? Read on to find out.

Sega uploads a preview of Sakura Wars Kanadegumi Anime

With the stage show coming in next month. The anime adaptation is also in the works based on the original manga that’s focused on the Kanadegumi (performance) group. It also seems Ogami and Taiga may not be the only guy with spiritual power in the Sakura Taisen universe, these boys can destroy demons with the power of music. The main theme song for the anime is called “Waltz, to you” by the Kanadegumi group. I’m hoping to see some reference from previous Sakura Taisen games.

SEGA shows a preview of the new Sakura Taisen Stage Show

There’s a new Sakura Taisen stage play coming up next month. This doesn’t mean a new game, but it focuses on the Kanadegumi (performance) group from the latest manga which stars a new character named Neo Miyabi and the five main characters. An anime adaptation is also in the works. The play will run from November 1st to the 11th.