Indie Dreamcast game Pier Solar now shipping!


Pier Solar and the Great Architects is a game that has been a long time coming. Developed and published by Watermelon Games with work starting as far back as 2004, Pier Solar originally released to the Genesis/Mega Drive back in 2010. Since then, the team held a successful Kickstarter which lead to an HD remake of the game for a slew of modern handhelds and consoles, but SEGA fans were most interested in the proposed Dreamcast release. While modern platforms have since seen release of the game, Dreamcast fans had to wait a bit longer. Today, it seems that wait is over as backers from both the Kickstarter and Watermelon Games website have received notifications that the game is now shipping!

I’ll admit, after being disappointed by other indie developers I was hesitant to put my money towards the release until solid proof that it was going to release by the end of the year (the initial expected release was way back in December 2013). Luckily I was able to pre-order the game earlier this month, just days before they cut pre-orders off. Since then, the game has been relisted on the Watermelon store with a price increase of $6 (from the initial $50) and a “SOON AVAILABLE” notification of November 11th. So if you had a pre-order, be excited because the game is coming! And if you don’t, there should be additional copies available soon.


4 responses to “Indie Dreamcast game Pier Solar now shipping!

  1. tasteofink says:

    about time although i bought a genesis game from watermelon that never worked they told me to returned it which i did (and had to pay to do) they never sent it back and never answered me again they suck

  2. Jeff says:

    I’m happy it’s finally shipping, but Watermelon burned so many bridges delivering this game. The treatment of the Kickstarter backers was laughably bad – barely any communication, years of delays, having the game release on steam and even in humble bundles long before any of us received product (they didn’t give download codes to backers, which would have gone a long way towards mending the relationship), watching copies show up on eBay before we even saw pictures of the packaging, etc. Just a mess.

  3. yeahbody says:

    Dont trust these guys. I ised to donate pier solar monthly when suddenly i stopped funding due to financial backlash. They threathened me to unsubscribe me after a month. Funny tho they unsubscribed me in a week. Silly me years later i bpught the ouya version. Guess what!? It has online drm. Offline play you can only play the demo.
    These guys are scammers. They do the same with project y. The game is finished years ago. Yet they milk people

  4. philippe says:

    Project Y isn’t finished, so stop spreading false rumors. WM doesn’t milk anything concerning this game. Their communication was pretty bad for sure but the dreamcast version of piersolar has never been put on ebay (not yet). Only a copy was sold by a member to his friend on a convention (bad move indeed)

    You should check their website/forums in the next days for more details concerning the shipping of PS.

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