Prototype build of Star Wars for the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis released

As a SEGA and Star Wars fan, it had long bothered me that Star Wars never saw games released to the SEGA Genesis. Despite some truly great Star Wars arcade games developed by SEGA talent, only the Genesis add-ons SEGA CD and 32X had seen a few titles. However, as it turns out, a version of the SNES game Super Star Wars was in development by SEGA Interactive during 1992/1993 for the Mega Drive/Genesis before shifting to the SEGA CD and then being outright cancelled.

Prior to this newly discovered build, only a few magazine scans were seen. One featuring Chewbacca (who is not in this build) and much more detailed art (hinting that a later build also exists). This build is the first time the game has been publicly seen. According to, cutscenes have yet to be implemented and there are some placeholders. Also, the ROM header is based on Greendog, another SEGA Interactive game.

Head on over to and play the game for yourself (you’ll need to download the ROM and load it up in your emulator of choice).


2 responses to “Prototype build of Star Wars for the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis released

  1. jimi Andreas says:

    I was always jealous of the SNES star wars games


    Needed more work but good to see it finally.

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