SEGAbits at Comic Con Preview: Alien: Isolation

I should preface this by saying that I’ve never been a huge Aliens fan. I’d seen Alien years ago, and while I thought it was a fun and creepy movie, it’s never been a series that I’d become overly familiar with. I was excited though when SEGA picked up the license, hoping to see what type of spin they’d put on an IP that offers a lot of opportunity.

On that note, I’d like to thank whatever deity exists out there that made me forget to place my preorder for that Colonial Marines game. But Alien: Isolation is from the start an entirely different beast. Planted firmly in the survival horror genre and not feeling, based on this demo, like a shooter of any kind, this game is scary. It’s a wonderfully, ridiculously scary bit of survival horror that has the potential to reinvigorate a genre that’s become so much less about scares in recent years than it ever should have been.

It’s the type of game that will have you diving for the light switch.

SEGAbits at E3 Preview: Bayonetta 2

E3 is a great event filled to the brim with great games, but there can only be one game of the show. For me, that game is Bayonetta 2. I have been excited for Bayonetta 2 since that wonderful day in September when Nintendo had announced they had saved the game from its long-rumored cancellation. I’m happy to say that if the E3 demo is anything to go by, Bayonetta 2 is not only set to live up to the legacy of the original, it’s set to surpass it.

SEGAbits at E3 Preview: Super Monkey Ball Bounce (iOS, Android)

I’m not really all that experienced with the world of mobile gaming. Though I’ve played my share of Angry Birds and a handful of SEGA games, most of my portable gaming is done on proper handheld systems with buttons and analog sticks. Needless to say, I was a little out of my depth at the SEGA Network party, which was showcasing several upcoming mobile SEGA games to the press, including Super Monkey Ball Bounce.

SEGAbits at E3 Preview: Sonic Jump Fever (iOS, Android)

While at E3, Nuckles87 and I were invited to a party hosted by SEGA’s mobile division, SEGA Networks, that was dedicated to mingling and showing off SEGA’s mobile titles. It was a great chance to relax after a hard day and to get some free food and drink. Those pretzel bun sandwiches with the roast beef and bacon were out of this world! But mostly, we where there to check out these games that have only been available to the lucky few… million in the Great White North. The one I’ll be talking about in this preview is Sonic Jump Fever, a sequel to the 2012 game that is both harder, easier and more fast-paced than its predecessor. It even has Chao. Yes, Chao are back!

SEGAbits at E3 Preview: Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd

Until a week ago, I had never owned a Hatsune Miku game. Until two days ago I had never played one. What I’m trying to tell you is I am extremely new to this franchise, so I would like to ask you to please excuse some of my noobish glee as I acknowledge several years after everyone else that Hatsune Miku Project Diva F is a really fun rhythm game and I am glad to have finally played it, even if it took the prospect of an E3 write-up for me to finally play it.

SEGAbits at E3 Preview: Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)

After you’re done reading, get a second opinion from Jason Berry over at Sonic Stadium!

Sonic has been reinvented countless times over the years, to the point where the character has time and time again become unrecognizable in every way except his name, speed and trademark attitude. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric represents the latest of these reinventions and is one of the most radical re-imaginings since Sonic made the transition to 3D fifteen years ago. Nothing has been held as sacred here, with Sonic Boom effectively acting as a near complete teardown of what past games were.

For one, this game isn’t just about speed and platforming, but also features a variety of brawling-centric levels. Though very few speed areas were on display, the final game will apparently feature a mix of speed areas and brawling areas, rather than keeping them segregated from one another as they were in the demo. Since there were no real speed areas on display, this preview will be focusing mostly on the game’s combat areas.

SEGAbits at E3 Preview: Abyss Odyssey (Xbox 360, PS3 and PC)

This is going to be an interesting year for us here at SEGAbits, as we try to get accustomed to covering Atlus games. I’ve been trying to familiarize myself with the company, but I haven’t truly begun to introduce myself to their catalog until today, when I played several of their games on the showfloor. I’m going to do my best to provide coverage of this company, but I am somewhat out of my depth here. First on my docket? Abyss Odyssey!

I had a fun time with this game. It’s essentially a Smash Bros game with rogue-like elements. So pretty much a side scrolling brawler that can be really, really hard and brutal. Allies can hit and damage each other in this game, the labyrinth quickly becomes much more difficult the deeper you go, and dying will result in you going back to your previous checkpoint, sans all of your equipment and items. Death in this game carries a serious consequence! For a rogue-like this game is actually pretty generous, as you get to keep all of your collected experience, skills and gold.

Classic SEGA Magazine Corner: The Official Dreamcast Magazine previews Jet Grind Radio


Jet Set Radio Week rolls onwards! Today’s feature dusts off a classic issue of the Official Dreamcast Magazine (ODCM), which was published in the United States from June 1999 (the premiere Issue 0) to March 2001 (the final issue 12). Issue 6, which we’re shining the spotlight on today, released in the summer of 2000 and was a much anticipated issue as it featured an extensive preview of the upcoming Jet Set Radio – which was retitled Jet Grind Radio for the US market at the time the magazine went to print.

The author of the preview, Francesca Reyes (former Editor-In-Chief of the Official Xbox Magazine), is a name SEGAbits readers may remember. Francesca, as well as former ODCM Editor-In-Chief Simon Cox and former Gamespot Editor-In-Cheif Ricardo Torres, joined us for our 50th podcast to celebrate the Dreamcast’s birthday and talk about the history of the magazine. For the preview, Francesca not only flew out to Japan to go hands on with the game, but she also met with SEGA’s ragtag Smilebit team! After the break, let’s crack open this classic issue and see what this wacky cel shaded graffiti game is all about.

First Impressions: ‘Redux: Dark Matters’ for the SEGA Dreamcast


First of all, hello! The Gagaman here. You may remember me from such films websites as the Dreamcast Junkyard, Sega Memories and Lucky Hit. Shameless plugs aside, I’m humbled to become a contributor here on Sega Bits and hope to bring you guys some fancy-pants articles in the future, hopefully not too riddled with typos.  For now though: Look!

Being the first successfully crowd funded Dreamcast indie game released, Redux: Dark Matters is finally here after two years of development, sent to me in the post yesterday morning. Has this kickstarted shmup been worth the wait and the cash? Read on to find out…

Preview the Sonic and Mega Man crossover “Worlds Collide: Part One”

Courtesy of Comic Book Resources comes an exclusive five page preview of the Sonic and Mega Man crossover event, Worlds Collide: Part One, which kicks off this month in the pages of the Archie Comics series Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe, and Mega Man. The crossover event, which will span twelve issues from three different series, concludes in August. In November, Archie plans to release the first of three trade paperback books, Sonic / Mega Man World Collide Vol. 1: Kindred Spirits, which will collect the first four issues and will undoubtably include extra goodies like pencil sketches and varient covers.

Check out the full preview over at Comic Book Resources

New All-Stars Racing Transformed preview video shows off Seaside Hill on the Wii U

From the GamesRadar YouTube channel comes a preview video of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed running on the Wii U. The player notes that the frame rate isn’t the best, but at least we get a look at the new Seaside Hill track as well as the Wii U’s secondary screen. Seaside Hill, while the same location as seen in the first All-Stars Racing, has a completely new layout and is freshened up a bit thanks to the inclusion of a boating section as well as the presence of a giant mechanical squid which has tentacles that bear a striking resemblance to the boss from Sonic 2’s Oil Ocean Zone. Past interviews have also hinted at the stage having music other than the original stage music. One of the confirmed tracks being a remix of Super Sonic Racing. Meanwhile, the secondary screen shows an overhead view of the map which unfortunately distracts the player more than it assists them. Hopefully frame rate has since improved and there is an option to move the map to the television screen.

Take a peek at Archie’s Sonic 4 Episode 2 comic adaptation

I’ve really enjoyed Archie’s video game adaptations as of recent, if only because they don’t try to adapt the Archieverse into the story. Sure they’re short and are mainly meant to be ads for the games, but they’re the closest to what I consider to be the ideal Sonic comic book series (this comment is that of Barry the Nomad and not the opinion of SEGAbits). The upcoming Sonic Super Special Magazine #3 will include a special tie-in comic that will take place between Sonic 4 Episode 1 and Episode 2. Courtesy of IGN comes the first two pages of the Sonic 4 Episode 2 story, which kicks off at the end of Episode 1. After the break, check out the pages!

Spoiler Alert: Shows Insane Amounts of Sonic Generations

Video contains a LOT of Generations footage:

While Sonic fans have been eagerly awaiting an IGN preview of Sonic Generations, only to learn that it had been pushed back due to SEGA extending the embargo, German gaming site has gone all out with a near 30 minute video preview of Sonic Generations. Within the first minute viewers are introduced to the interactive menu, and I gotta say it looks fantastic. It actually reminds me of Kirby’s Epic Yarn in the way you traverse it. Also included are full playthroughs of many stages. So if you want to avoid spoilers, just watch the first few minutes for a taste of the menu and then click “stop”.

After the break, a list of observations. Of course, these venture into spoiler territory.