Rumor: Vanquish PC port hinted in latest Bayonetta PC update


The PC port of Bayonetta has been released recently and quickly sold over 100k in it’s first week. Naturally with the success of the Bayonetta PC port, a question that comes up is what will the future hold for potential SEGA and PlatinumGames PC ports. Well we may or may not have an answer, and surprisingly it’s from a strange update.

Bayonetta on PC has been recently updated, with a mysteriously small update at only 22KB. Out of curiosity, some people have dug into the EXTRAS folder and found a new image. A lone picture of the character Sam Gideon from Vanquish, a third person shooter by Platinum Games and SEGA originally released in 2010 on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Why the image was quietly put into the Bayonetta folders is unknown, but it is possible that Vanquish will receive a port on PC in the future, with the image being a small teaser/easter egg. However it may also simply be a homage to another Platinum Games title published by SEGA.

Either way, the update does raise questions of a potential PC port of Vanquish, or at least something related to Vanquish. Stay tune for possible news of a PC port in the future until then.

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SEGA launches Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary teaser site

HatsuneMiku10thAnniversaryWebsiteSEGA is ready for Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary celebration, starting with a newly launched website. The website teases the following, “10 years since its release on August 31, 2007… A new beginning for Hatsune Miku starts here.”  The Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary website also features a 232 day count down timer, which ends on August 31, 2017. Yes, you guessed it, on her 10th year anniversary.

For those not in the know, Hatsune Miku is a humanoid persona that uses a synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media, this application was launched on August 31, 2007. SEGA has released seven main series title to their Project DIVA series, not including six other spin-offs. Seems SEGA is ready to add more releases to the franchise as Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary will be here in August. Are you excited?

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SEGA Network’s new teaser site shows world map and countdown

SEGARepairSEGA Network’s new teaser site is titled ‘Repair’, with a world map and a clock that counts backwards. At first, when Siliconera posted it the map only pin pointed on Florida but now it moved its point to somewhere in Europe. I want to say Italy or one of the small surrounding countries. Another clue is what happens when you click the red location dots, if you click on Florida it says 1492 AD which was the year of the European Discovery and Settlement of the State. But if you highlight the European red dot you get the year 0027 BC which would mark the end of the Roman Republic.

So what do I think it is? I think its going to a be SEGA Network’s new mobile game that will have to do with world history. Maybe something like Civilization series but on mobile.  At least if the years on the teaser page are anything to go by. SEGA Network’s new teaser site is set to stop its countdown clock on August 8, 2016.

What do you think it is?

The Truth About Ben Kalough video hints at things to come

For months, the Sonic the Hedgehog social media accounts have been hinting at something. It could be the reveal of the new Sonic game, or it could be something bigger. Whatever it is, another piece of the puzzle has arrived in a video titled The Truth About Ben Kalough. The video, seen above, catches us up on what the former SEGA of Antarctica staffer has been up to and what the future holds for him. Memes, the word “big” and Aaron Webber all come into play. Could this be it? Or are we all about to be taken for buffoons? Who knows, but once we learn more we will certainly share it in a cryptic article that keeps using the word “big”.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution teaser trailer and new screens release

A lovely new teaser trailer has released giving us our first good look at the recently announced new entry in the Valkyria Chronicles series, Valkyria: Azure Revolution. In addition to the trailer are eight high res screenshots (seen after the break) that show off the heroes and enemies of the game in combat. It looks like the CANVAS engine is back, however some fans are weary that the new game is dropping the strategy RPG elements and is going for a more traditional RPG approach. At this point, we don’t exactly know how Valkyria: Azure Revolution will play, but at least we now have a better idea of how it looks.

But hey, the original game will be receiving a PS4 remaster in February 2016, so SEGA isn’t brushing the old gameplay under the rug. And who knows, it could turn out to be a great game, even if it isn’t a direct gameplay followup to the originals. I recall fans bemoaning Phantasy Star Online before it released because they made the switch from turn based to an action RPG, and yet now the original PSO is beloved and considered by many to be one of SEGA’s best games.

More on Valkyria: Azure Revolution as we hear it, and in the meantime enjoy the trailer!

Yakuza 6 shows why its PS4 exclusive in first in-game teaser

Yakuza 6 was the big game announced by SEGA at this year’s Tokyo Game Show 2015, two big related announcements was that it will be Playstation 4 only and that famous Japanese actor Takeshi Kitano (aka Beat Takeshi) would have a character in this game. Sadly no in-game graphics where shown at the Japanese expo, but now that its over we finally get to see what Takeshi Kitano and Yakuza 6 will look like.

This looks like a big step for the franchise, but its hard to tell if it will be a huge leap like Yakuza 2 to Yakuza 3 due to how little they show in this video (and how well past Yakuza titles captured in-game faces).  What are your thoughts on the teaser above? Want to hear us ramble about Yakuza 6? Check out our YouTube episode of SEGA News Bits where we talk all about this game!

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SEGA Japan launches teaser site for upcoming Hatsune Miku game

[This article has been edited with newly found information. This is almost 100% a Hatsune Miku game]

SEGA Japan has now launched a teaser site for an upcoming unannounced game that will most likely be unveiled at this year’s Tokyo Game Show (which starts next month). So what do we know about it so far? SEGA is calling this tease ‘neXt39‘ which is what we will be referring to the game until we find out the official name. The teaser page has the following numbers: “3939.00 / 3939” since the slash usually means division in math, it would equal to 1. Is this a clue? The screen also has strands that move in the background, 6 of them to be exact (with the only color repeating being yellow).

But Hatsune Miku also has a long series of using the number 39, specifically having a song named that. Not only that, Sam Mullen, the localization producer even explained the significance of Hatsune Miku using the number 39. Not only that a twitter user by the name of @Rorru pointed out that the teaser page’s timer ends minutes before Hatsune Miku’s birthday and that the color strands each represent a Cryptonloid. Hopefully this isn’t the only game announced at TGS, considering that Yakuza Team was teasing a new game.

SEGA teases its new spiritual successor to Chain Chronicles, Chaos Dragon

SEGA Networks has just teased a new mobile game going under the name of ‘Chaos Dragon‘, this game seems to be using mechanics that seem straight out of Chain Chronicles. I guess this game is aimed for people that have already explored the world of that game and want a new story with a fresh set of new characters.

This teaser does tease the new art style and characters that you will meet on your journey. Of course this game has only been confirmed for a Japanese release. We shall see if SEGA will publish it in the West, seeing as Chain Chronicles was actually published by Gumi.

The game will also have a anime, which also got a trailer. You can click here to view it and will also get a board game. SEGA is aiming at making this a major new IP.

Game Freak and SEGA tease something for March 11th


The Twitter account of RPG Site tweeted that they had received a postcard from SEGA and Game Freak teasing that they’ll seemingly reveal a new game on March 11th. Nothing is known about it aside from its cartoony look.

Game Freak is most well known for being the studio behind the Pokémon games, but you may also know them for making Pulseman for the Mega Drive. This is the first time SEGA has collaborated with the developer since the release of that game.

First 4 Figures teases Sonic & Tails Tornado diorama statue


The First 4 Figures Facebook page is teasing an upcoming statue in the Sonic Diorama series of statues. Dubbed “The Tornado”, this impressive piece is to feature Sonic, Tails, and the Tornado bi-plane. Pre-orders are set to open Tuesday 10th Feb 2015 at Though no price is known yet, the previous Sonic Generations diorama sold for $299.99 and measured 12” x 10” x 12”. Let the countdown begin!

SEGA releases the first Sonic Runners teaser trailer, gameplay details and more

Sonic Runners is going to be Sonic Team’s big Sonic the Hedgehog mobile developed game and SEGA has finally released the first teaser trailer. You can watch it above. The trailer basically goes through the history of Sonic Team developed Sonic games and starts off with a counter, counting down the years to 2015…

Something to note: The trailer only shows off the retro series and Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (if you count that as part of the retro series). Could this game be more influenced by older retro style Sonic games instead of the recent games?

SEGA also launched a site for the game which revealed that the game will be released in 2015 in Japan for free with premium items available. The game will be available for iPhone 4S and above, iPad 2 or later running iOS 7.0 or above. If you are on Android, you will have to be running OS 2.3 or later (Which means almost any Android phone released can play it.)

The site features an image of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles running through Sonic Lost World‘s Windy Hill with Chao and the Mother Wisp from Sonic Colors DS floating above. Could the classic clips and Sonic 4 indicate that Sonic Team sees Sonic Runners as a successor to the originals, or hint toward a gameplay style? What’s with the Chao and Wisps?

UPDATE: An interview between Iizuka and Famitsu lists a end of February release for the game in Japan. From what we can understand from the interview, characters will run forward on their own and Eggman will make appearances during stages which there appears to be 50 of at first (if we are reading the translation correctly). Tails and Knuckles are also playable, but Sonic is the only character initially available. Famitsu also went hands-on with the game, mentioning a cutscene featuring Sonic, Tails, and Eggman. Jumping appears to vary based on where you tap on the screen, possibly indicating that you tap on enemies to homing attack. The Eggman boss battle appears to have Sonic throwing or knocking back Eggman’s projectiles to defeat him.

What are your thoughts?

SEGA teasing “HUGE” Alien: Isolation news to be revealed this Wednesday

The Alien: Isolation Twitter account has begun to tease a reveal for this Wednesday that they describe as “HUGE”. The above image was shared with the hint “Solve, seek and you shall find: ?”. Savvy fans scrambled the message to reveal a YouTube account titled “nostromoedition”. Could Wednesday’s tease be a Collector’s Edition of the game dubbed the Nostromo Edition?

The nostromoedition YouTube channel features a lone video titled “Are You Ready To Play?” and the description “Congratulations for unlocking this hidden Alien: Isolation video. As our Robot friend is telling you, the next reveal happens tomorrow -Tuesday, 8th July at 15:00 PM GMT. Come back and don’t miss out!”. The video itself features a screen from the game and the July 8th reveal time.

What could the reveal be? We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to learn more.

Atlus opens up a teaser site for a new game

Seems that Atlus isn’t done announcing new titles, they have just opened a teaser site for a new game. The pages title says: “This is not broccoli #ATLUS.” So what could it be? 

Lots of people seem to think that this is going to be a new entry to the long running Etrian Odyssey franchise. After the jump we have some assets ripped from the teaser page.

Phantasy Star Online 2 getting closed English beta in South East Asia

We already knew that there was an English version of Phantasy Star Online 2 headed for South East Asia and now ASIASOFT (co-publishers) are teasing their ‘soon’ to start closed beta by releasing the above trailer and screenshots.Sadly, SEGA West hasn’t announced anything outside of their PAX announcement about Phantasy Star Online 2, seemingly disbanding the project. I guess for gamers like you and me, the wait for a English version of Phantasy Star Online 2 will be over…

Since this is for South East Asia, it will be a bit hard to get a key to the close beta, but don’t worry it won’t impossible. The following are community moderators at Asiasoft which will be giving out beta codes. Go ask them nicely:

We are working on getting some beta keys for the site and giving you guys more content as it gets closer to beta time. Who is excited? English site can be found here.

First 4 Figures teases Virtua Fighter Akira Yuki statue

First 4 Figures is at it again, teasing another statue in their SEGA All-Stars line. Shenmue‘s Ryo Hazuki was just recently released, and Vyse of Skies of Arcaida has been teased. Now, a new challenger approaches in the form of Virtua Fighter Akira Yuki! No additional information has been given, but it’s safe to say that pre-orders will go live sometime this year and the price will likely be in line with Ryo Hazuki – which sells for between $169.99 and $184.99. When we learn more, we’ll be sure to share it!